Anyone got any tips for constipation, natural remedies??



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    2tblspoons of olive oil, large cold glass of water!


    When my son was a baby we used to boil water with fennel seed to make a tea out of it, then strained and added sugar to sweeten just a tad - within 20 min he was going; I use this concoction for the whole family when needed.
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    This is going to sound nuts, but are you taking a multivitamin with Iron added to it? I had serious issues with constipation and that ended up being one of the main problems. I kept taking the extra iron because I was anemic when I was pregnant. Since my eating was better, I no longer needed the iron and it was binding me up. Extra fiber and all that did nothing but make my situation worse. Tons and tons of water are helpful as well. Some people swear by mirilax, I could take an entire bottle with no effect. Horrible. My worst case scenario is to use Milk of Magnesia or the magnesium citrate (clear drink in a bottle). Good luck!

    I've heard that iron supplements can be constipating. I take Iron Bisglycinate for my anemia and don't have issues with constipation. The VA had given me two other forms of iron that were utterly useless. Fortunately, my housemate's complaints about the hair I was shedding all over the place prompted me to get my levels rechecked and to switch forms.
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    I take Wellbutrin and because of a racquetball injury, I take Aleve. Both of these list constipation as a possible side effect. Once I figured that out I googled around and found this -