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You asked, you got - kind of. MFP Premium



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    I'm getting the feeling that most of people willing to pay for the premium service are going to be newbies, since they have quite a bit to prove to the rest of us in terms of quality before we fork over any money!

    Yeah, I suspect this premium service is mainly for newbies. Like a gym membership, the profit is made on the people who don't use their membership and are too lazy to cancel.
    How many people sign up for MFP after turning over a new leaf, eager to embark on their fitness journey, only to never be heard from again after 2 weeks? I bet it is those people that this "subscription" service is really geared towards.
    I think it is actually a thing to learn how businesses can profit off of consumer laziness in business school, isn't it?

    damn. After years of exercising consistently I'm in this category right now because I signed up for a second gym membership that's a half mile from my home for "convenience." I haven't gone once

    Me too, actually. But mainly because they closed down the gym that was convenient for me and canceling is a huge pain in the rear. I do need to do it, though. I feel ok subsidizing other's memberships for a bit though because who knows - maybe it made a difference for someone.
  • MoiAussi93MoiAussi93 Member Posts: 1,947 Member Member Posts: 1,947 Member
    I won't pay for this. Most of what they are adding with the paid version I already found workarounds for. And the rest just isn't important to me.

    But I suppose it's fair...if some of these issues / features are that important to somebody else now they can have them as long as they are willing to pay.

    Market segmentation is always a good business strategy.
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  • jennismagicjennismagic Member Posts: 243 Member Member Posts: 243 Member
    RIP, MyFitnessPal. You can't survive after pissing off your users. You ain't Netflix.
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    JPW1990 wrote: »
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    Not paying for anything until we have a FAVORITES section on the food it that hard to add? And why would I pay for an App that is already buggy? My macros are not even the same on my app vs. the site. :D They are cray cray!!

    I'd settle for being able to delete that thing I bought to try and hated and will never eat again, but it's in my Recent Foods list for the next 4 months.

    How little range of food do you eat that something can stay on your recent food list for such a long time?? I mean, I eat mostly the same thing everyday and my common foods are still pushed off the list and I have to search for them again.
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    Has anyone played around with Super Tracker, which is the usda's food/calorie tracking site? I stumbled onto it while looking for MFP alternatives. I signed up out of curiosity (free), and it looks ok-it does give recommendations on how much of each food category to eat every day, based on the My Plate. Don't know yet if you can adjust macros and such-still exploring the site.
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  • RobertusRobertus Member Posts: 558 Member Member Posts: 558 Member
    Every upgrade up until now seems to have new problems that do not get resolved and the servers are overburdened with the current level of features that do work. I can't imagine paying for this platform.
  • RobertusRobertus Member Posts: 558 Member Member Posts: 558 Member
    RIP, MyFitnessPal. You can't survive after pissing off your users. You ain't Netflix.
    Every free website that asked for donations and received them from me eventually went under.

  • sunrise611sunrise611 Member Posts: 1,886 Member Member Posts: 1,886 Member
    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the MFP users build a majority of the food database? It would be a strange twist of fate, if now, those same users have to pay to access this information.

    Yes, exactly! The users helped to build this site and huge database and now their data is being used and manipulated for profit.
  • monster_inacupmonster_inacup Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    maidentl wrote: »
    $7.99/mo and I think it was $49.99/year

    lol so in the UK that makes it

    £7.99/mo and £39.99/year

    See what you do is take that £1 : $1.5 dollar exchange rate, and ignore it.

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