Middle age men inline skating why so wrong?



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    If you want to find some skating company and dont mind switching those inlines for quads, look up your local Roller Derby team. Even if you dont want to play or ref youll find a whole lot of people who skate 2-3 times a week and are really passionate about it :) they might also be able to recommend places to skate you havent found yet.

    Of course, then it will be even more embarrasing for your daughter, or provide some really good sporting role models for her, depending on how you and she sees it!

    Eta, Roller derby is seen as primarily for younger women, but in my league (uk, south west) we have both men and women, and some of us are certainly not in our 20s any more ;)

    I do have a local Men's Roller Derby team but as always with my luck, they meet when im at work.
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    Lol, I'd do it just to embarrass her now.

    Just from my experiences, lots of "older" males who inline skate wear clothing that doesn't seem appropriate even for a jog. That may be the reason.

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    I'm Dutch and see nothing wrong with a middle aged men inline skating ;)
    However I haven't seen many families out and about anymore

    Just keep going. When your children are a few years older they'll look back and realize how great it is that you are/were still doing it. Set an example they want to follow when they get to your current age :)
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    I am 60 years old (yes, you read that right, 60!) and I am buying a new pair of inline skates after having skated since I was in my 30's. Do what you love, right?
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    It seems to have gone out of style. But who cares. Do it.

    I recommend short cut off jean shorts....
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    It seems to have gone out of style. But who cares. Do it.

    I recommend short cut off jean shorts....

    I think it's coming back...we were in San Diego on Mission Beach last October and tons of people were skating...but maybe it's just a Cali thing...