Water, Water, Too Much Water

chubaway Posts: 1,645 Member
They tell us to drink water because it's good for; it keeps us hydrated, it detoxifies us, it makes us feel full, it's good for our skin, and a host of other reasons.

I drink a lot of water. I have water by my bed, so first thing I do each day is drink water. I drink water throughout the day. As a result I'm constantly getting up to go pee.

Then, just now, it dawned on me. The suggestion to drink more water is a trick to keep us moving. I have to go pee at least every 30 minutes. Since I have a desk job I might not otherwise get up but every couple hours. It's a ploy . . . a trick.

DISCLAIMER: This message is intended for those with a sense of humor.


  • lemonmon1
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    I giggled before your disclaimer! I am also increasing my water intake and now my pee sessions sound more like a high pressure hose!
  • Pearsquared
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    Oh snap! My bathroom breaks be all like: