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Cristiano Ronaldo.....



  • laprimaJennylaprimaJenny Member Posts: 1,475 Member Member Posts: 1,475 Member

    I must state the extremely important fact that Fabio Cannavaro is one of the sexiest soccer players of all time.


    I know, Claudio Marchisio is pretty hot as well.

    Jonelle Filigno?

    Approved! She’s pretty hot.
  • TheRoadDogTheRoadDog Member Posts: 11,863 Member Member Posts: 11,863 Member
    kami3006 wrote: »
    Messi still beats him any day of the week!!!

    I really think people need to stop comparing these two and putting them head to head in there who's better battle. These two are both world class athletes with their rankings and stats going head-to-head.

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