I'm 60lbs over weight and don't know where to start



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    Start eating the majority of your meals at home. It will help your waistline and your wallet.

    Eating at home is a great way to go, but I do not believe that it's absolutely necessary. I am so busy that I eat out a LOT, and that's a big part of how I got so big. Drive-through on the way from one appointment to the next was a norm. And I didn't think I could lose because I didn't see how I could change that. I don't have TIME to do all my own cooking.

    Since logging, I have found that, although I do eat home a little more, I have not had to cut out the away meals . . . in fact, I have not even had to cut out fast food!!! A McDonald's cheeseburger, while not the healthiest choice, is certainly better than a Big Mac and large fries. And once you learn how much you really NEED to eat, you find that a small cheeseburger can be very satiating. I also find it very helpful that restaurant chains now post their nutrition info online, so if I know I am going somewhere, I will visit their website ahead of time and pre-plan my order. I don't suggest a cheeseburger every day. But I have found that eating out, and even fast food, is not necessarily EVIL.
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    I think you will do just fine with a few changes. Restaurant eating can add up quickly. I think your rice and beans, portioned differently (weigh and log it!) with a salad added, is very healthy. Maybe recruit your fiancée in the new food habits. You have a wedding to pay for. Eating at home saves money.