Age 23-30



  • Azurite27
    Azurite27 Posts: 542 Member
    Recently turned 30 and weighing less than I did in high school. Anyone is free to add me.
  • sdotbuck
    sdotbuck Posts: 2 Member
    25 here!!
  • Howdoyoufeeltoday
    Howdoyoufeeltoday Posts: 481 Member
    24 and on every day!! ADD ME!!! ;)
  • s_y8s
    s_y8s Posts: 1,849 Member
    28 feel free to add me :)
  • Curtez
    Curtez Posts: 62 Member
    27 add me! Always looking for positive people to be friends with
  • outboundhat
    outboundhat Posts: 21 Member
    29! Add me!:)
  • Toadstool_
    Toadstool_ Posts: 120 Member
    Yep, 28 :)
  • thaoXLIV
    thaoXLIV Posts: 10 Member
    I'm 26. Feel free to add me!!
  • nicole3dorsey
    nicole3dorsey Posts: 21 Member
    I'm 26
  • courtniekrebs
    courtniekrebs Posts: 79 Member
    I'm 30 years young :)
  • martika270
    martika270 Posts: 10 Member
    I am engaging in all appropriate behaviors and making most of my decisions based on my recent awakening. I finally realized how health and well being in all aspects is of upmost importance. No more binge food or drink sessions, weekend benders (well maybe once in a while), but definitely, no more SETTLING. Nobody should just settle, it's all about fighting for what you want and believe in. So with small steps such as going to Verizon on my lunch break and buying a FitBit, or dedicating few minutes here and there on expressing myself publically, I am learning to take control. For the first time ever, I see how the tools and resources can make an impact, but what really opened my eyes and heart are the community forums and those with the courage to face reality and do something about it... My point was that I am climbing the ladder and approaching the DIRTY THIRTY but first off I still get asked for two forms of ID regardless where I go, and think that the beginning of a new decade is what I am preparing for and have it be my new fresh clean slate. By then I'll have the work out and dieting down and will just have to eliminate all that's toxic gradually. YAY FOR BEING THIRTY and approaching a totally different life chapter that is totally a mystery to myself still. Except for my plan to sweat, nurture, and love myself in and out of my body.
  • cmor86
    cmor86 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm 28 (almost 29). Would love some buddies to keep me inspired :-)
  • purdysmile03
    purdysmile03 Posts: 34 Member
    29, always looking for some new inspirational friends. ;)
  • mrschwarten
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    I'm 27! I feel the same way, too!
  • allison_moushey
    allison_moushey Posts: 36 Member
    I'm 22
  • maetheist
    maetheist Posts: 7 Member
    I'm 26! :) please feel free to add! Love seeing an active news feed. :)
  • Juliansmommy09
    Juliansmommy09 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi I am 24 =]]
  • ItsMeMichelleB
    ItsMeMichelleB Posts: 12 Member
    I'm 27!!
  • meganeileenmc
    meganeileenmc Posts: 37 Member
    25 :)
  • kds1592
    kds1592 Posts: 1 Member
    23 here :)