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Final Destination: 202 pounds lost



  • eok902eok902 Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    Great post and REALLY great effort. Well done to you!
  • grobinvalenciagrobinvalencia Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Reading your story is so inspirational for me as I start on MFP!
  • rowlandswrowlandsw Member Posts: 1,163 Member Member Posts: 1,163 Member
    Congrats. I have to lose roughly the same amount, if i can manage it in 16 months like this it'll be shocking.
  • REDMANIVREDMANIV Member Posts: 348 Member Member Posts: 348 Member
    Very inspirational share and wonderful commitment to achieve these phenomenal results in just 16 months time. Thank you for sharing your MFP journey with us!
  • SuesNewImageSuesNewImage Member, Premium Posts: 743 Member Member, Premium Posts: 743 Member
    For such a young person to be so disciplined. You deserve every reward you get. Now Id say you have maintenance ideas to cover. Keep at it.
  • etfanetfan Member, Premium Posts: 126 Member Member, Premium Posts: 126 Member
  • fayesellmanfayesellman Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
  • Je55ica_79Je55ica_79 Member Posts: 270 Member Member Posts: 270 Member
    Amazing! Congratulations!
  • pinkyflawless83pinkyflawless83 Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member
    Very well put!
  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 628 Member Member Posts: 628 Member
    And another ancient thread resucitated...
  • urban287urban287 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    absolutely fantabulous job!
  • the_vibrant_momthe_vibrant_mom Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    Wow, outstanding! Congratulations on your big achievement.
  • EvamuttEvamutt Member Posts: 1,716 Member Member Posts: 1,716 Member
    you did a fantastic job!! also thank you for mentioning the optical part. I lost 50lbs & couldn't figure out why my eyesite changed, I'm guessing it's the weight loss
  • brendog79brendog79 Member Posts: 47 Member Member Posts: 47 Member
    I think you were the same starting weight as me. I got fed up of what I became and was having trouble sleeping because of my weight. I started at 382lbs and am now 278lbs 6 months in. I made it my goal to get to 225lbs in a year. Maybe eventually get down to 188 lbs which is when I was at my best in the marine Corp. Thats impressive doing it in 16 months without surgery. My eyesight also got a little better.
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