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Can you keep it going asking ONLY QUESTIONS?



  • frankwbrownfrankwbrown Member, Premium Posts: 1,125 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,125 Member
    If it were true that I didn't like bell peppers until I had college housemates that made stuffed bell peppers every Friday, and after opting out week after week, Sue the cook convinced me to just eat the stuffing, so I did, and I liked the bell pepper flavor infused stuffing, and began eating one bite of bell pepper, then two, and months later was adding raw bell peppers to my salads at a salad bar, would this make it impossible for me to be impartial? :D
  • Alinouveau2Alinouveau2 Member Posts: 258 Member Member Posts: 258 Member
    Would you believe I'd pick sweet banana peppers from our garden and eat them as a kid? Do you think my parents wondered why they never had any peppers on the plants?
  • FabulousFantasticFiftyFabulousFantasticFifty Member Posts: 186,494 Member Member Posts: 186,494 Member
    Might they have assumed it was rabbits?
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