Young 20s Fitness Challenge and Support



  • fitnotfluffy
    fitnotfluffy Posts: 213 Member
    Hello! I'm 21, started this journey when I turned 18 and have lost about 80 lbs all together. I've been on MFP for some time now, but would love some new friends!
  • kndev
    kndev Posts: 23 Member
    Hi all! I'm 20 and have been on my health journey since January and proudly have lost about 40 lbs. Feel free to add me :)
    I love swapping recipes. I'm 3 weeks in weight training, but I still do cardio and HIIT as well
  • lcurtis08
    lcurtis08 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm in! I'm 25 and very new to MFP. Would love to join for some motivation and new ideas!!
  • Miss_Julie_Marie
    Miss_Julie_Marie Posts: 49 Member
    hi everyone! I'm 23 and have lost 30 pounds so far since March. Still on here to lose 50 pounds more and then maintain! Feel free to add me. Looking for new support! :)
  • Melissa1233
    Melissa1233 Posts: 3 Member
    Hello! I'm 27 (hope I'm not too old!). After making too many bad food choices in college, I gained 50 pounds since 2006. I have tried weight watchers, but find summertime so tough to stay motivated (burgers, potato salad, alcohol!) I'm currently on week two of the 21 day fix (no shakeology). Feeling good so far!! Hoping to get some good recipes on here, and some good support! We can do this! :)
  • Melissa1233
    Melissa1233 Posts: 3 Member

    If anyone is looking for a fun, different workout, piyo is great! I've been to different levels of classes- intense and more yoga, laid back. Great workout!
  • seerickson2
    seerickson2 Posts: 12 Member

    Hey ya'll check out the link posted above. I find pretty much all of my "clean eating" ideas and recipes and work out routines from Pinterest. The link above is from Body Rock-- this chick is insane!
  • thevolp
    thevolp Posts: 13 Member
    I'm 21, it's definitely cool to see other young people on here. Gained 35 pounds in college and just graduated. Lost 10 last summer from that but I'm determined now to lose the rest. Need help eating clean/not snacking. I like running and cardio I exercise 4x a week at least. Add me! Need more friends and motivation!
  • sparklecomet
    sparklecomet Posts: 103 Member
    Hi guys! I'm 25 and would love to lose 30lbs altogether. Hoping to meet the 20lb mark by my 26th birthday. I've only lost 5lbs so far but I want to get committed and start working hard for a healthy body! Add me so we can motivate each other! =D