Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • joannejgg
    joannejgg Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, would like some motivation:)
  • MC_JC
    MC_JC Posts: 91 Member
    Been off for 6 months due to injury. Getting back to the iron. Feel free to add me.
  • SurfRunner874
    SurfRunner874 Posts: 13 Member
    Took a brief hiatus, but hope to be back to logging on here every day. Please feel free to add me! :)
  • DarkTwain
    DarkTwain Posts: 130 Member
    Sure, why not
  • sjbacot
    sjbacot Posts: 4 Member
    I am new here, and there was mention of friendships on this discussion thread, so here I am! I have a ways to go, so I need encouragement. Thanks, guys!
  • sarahduarte6554
    sarahduarte6554 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi I’d like some motivation and some friends ☺️
  • L_jaimee
    L_jaimee Posts: 10 Member
    I could use some more friends haha
  • charula
    charula Posts: 2 Member
    Need loads of motivation. I feel I eating when I am bored.
  • AprilMLowe
    AprilMLowe Posts: 447 Member
    More Friends why not! Feel Free to Add Me!
  • pcrucifer
    pcrucifer Posts: 71 Member
    More friends the merrier! Feel free to add me.
  • hannahm120
    hannahm120 Posts: 34 Member
    Looking for more friends to be supportive of and be encouraged by. I’ve logged every day for nearly six months and am down 32lbs. Feel free to add me!
  • HerFire
    HerFire Posts: 22 Member
    Desperately need some friends for accountability and support so please add away! 😉
  • Wiltord1982
    Wiltord1982 Posts: 311 Member
    Add me ;)
  • recoveringami
    recoveringami Posts: 43 Member
    Hi all! About me:

    I’m 5 feet flat, 34 yrs old.

    Had gastric bypass in 2018, now trying to lose the last 35 lbs.

    Diagnosed with binge eating disorder, so I’m looking for HEALTHY friends.

    I like to walk and do body weight exercises.

    Focused on calories and eating 60g of protein a day. Other macros to come. Vegetarian with the occasional fish.

    Therapist during the day, crazy lady at night ;)
  • Tamaya_journey
    Tamaya_journey Posts: 27 Member
    New month New friends . Add me . 🌞🤗🦋
  • courtneyfrose
    courtneyfrose Posts: 21 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • AppleBerrySoap
    AppleBerrySoap Posts: 2 Member
    Add me! :) always happy to have more friends
  • DesireEW1986
    DesireEW1986 Posts: 5 Member
    Hey always looking for new friends o:)
  • mnmischief
    mnmischief Posts: 3 Member
    Back on the wagon. Feel free to add me!
  • Justn83
    Justn83 Posts: 5,226 Member
    Yes because I want all the friends :)