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    Lesss all be friends !
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    Could do with some people to chat to!
  • I just started and am working on getting back into exercise, carb cycling, etc. I don’t have a ton to lose, maybe 10-15lbs... I’m looking more for a toned and healthy lifestyle. I had a miscarriage a couple weeks ago and am building back up after it and trying to get to a better point physically for next time. I’d love some support, accountability and encouragement!
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    Please feel free to add me, always looking for more support and motivation friends! 😊
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    Add me always willing to learn and help anyone out!
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    If you're reading this, add me! I'm looking for accountability and motivational friends!

    Let's do this together!
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    Rejoining MFP, looking for friends 😄💪🏻
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    Sure I could use some friends
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    Add me let’s motivate each other down 27 pounds. Let’s do this!
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    Looking for new friends :smile:
    I'm 28, 4ft 9, weigh 138lbs, hoping to get down to around 120-125 as my first goal.
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    Yus. I found the cool kids
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    Hi Everyone!
    Always looking for more friends!
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    Yus. I found the cool kids

    You know it! =)
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    Me! I’ve had this app for a little while and it’s been working well for me so far. I’m just now getting into the community part of it for some motivation and to motivate others. Add me :)