Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • stephsjourney2019
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  • SylviazSpirit
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    I'm always looking for active and supportive friends. I sign on a few times a day and love to see what my friends are up to. Feel free to add me :)
  • I’m getting more active on here...feel free to add me, too 😊
  • MaggieMG1
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  • anl90
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    I am always happy to make more friends! Feel free to add me!! :)
  • SageJJ93
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    Began my journey at the beginning of January this year, lost 50lbs so far, lots to still go and NOT giving up! A lot of my friends originally quit/stopped logging/are gone now lol, so basically I'd love to have some more friends! I accept all requests 😁
  • kodonalinky
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    I'd love some friends, I accept all requests.
  • garibbalfy
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    Feel free
  • RulerOfCali1979
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    Add me folks!!!
  • BeardedTexasHulk
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    Anyone can feel free to send me a request.
  • godsgiftformen30
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    Come follow me and let's help each other out! I follows back too. 💪🏾🏋🏾
  • kimberleysparrow
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    Hi everyone, I'm Kimmy and fairly new to My Fitness Pal. I've had an account for a while, but haven't really known what to do or how to use it. I'm looking for motivation and support so will happily accept friend requests. Hope to speak to some of you really soon! xx
  • eruthuk
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    Feel free to add me. Literally just picked this back up today. Need some motivation to get as close as possible to my goal weight by summer.
  • Hulkfan1
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    Hit me up I like being a supportive member here.
  • BryCar88
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    Could always do with some more friends 😊 add me if you’d like 💪🏻
  • 1Motivated2Succeed
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    Hi! Just joining and would love friends for encouragement!
  • tylertoni
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    Feel free to add 🙏🏼 nearly at 70lb loss with 30-40lbs to go, let’s encourage eachother 💪🏼
  • Miss_Behaving
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    Feel free to add me! :smile: I need to get back to myself...
  • Kemperica44
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    Looking for friends ❤️k5d48li5jaup.jpeg
  • Horses4Two
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    Add me, would love support