Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Truvanessa
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    Good morning and Happy Friday! 😊
  • Big_goals35
    Big_goals35 Posts: 8 Member
  • PiscesIntuition
    PiscesIntuition Posts: 1,356 Member
    Add me!
    I still haven’t figured out how to add others. I click on the username, I see an add friend icon, but when I click it, nothing happens.
  • Changing4MeNJ
    Changing4MeNJ Posts: 1 Member
    Hi guys. I'm new here and could use some support. Add me
  • Get_Fit_Rach
    Get_Fit_Rach Posts: 8 Member
    Looking for a couple more.
  • lessdefined82
    lessdefined82 Posts: 70 Member
    Back at it. Looking for friends! Please add 😀
  • OGJake12
    OGJake12 Posts: 177 Member
    Hit me with some friend requests
  • Dakase83
    Dakase83 Posts: 2,524 Member
    Feel free to add me.. I'm around MOST days. Sometimes I go MIA for a while, but always come back. Not everything I post is fitness/health related. Trying to get back on track myself and looking for some motivation and accountability :smile:
  • csmcozart
    csmcozart Posts: 34 Member
    Looking for more friends for encouragement and sharing accomplishments. Please add me!
  • bthompson90
    bthompson90 Posts: 6 Member
    Always looking for friends to motivate me to be more active and healthy! Feel free to add me :)
  • Flash653
    Flash653 Posts: 4 Member
    Looking for people whom like or Love to Run...
  • Paigesavage124
    Paigesavage124 Posts: 3 Member
    I’m looking for new motivational friends! Send a request my way:)
  • lessdefined82
    lessdefined82 Posts: 70 Member
    adding all of you!
  • Gladwinsredneck
    Gladwinsredneck Posts: 88 Member
    Anyone wanna add me? I’ll help keep you motivated.
  • Jim_Kintsugi
    Jim_Kintsugi Posts: 55 Member
    I'm new here and don't have any friends lol. Feel free to add me.
  • GlennCrossFit
    GlennCrossFit Posts: 28 Member
    Let’s connect people! You can always add me I won’t bite tho :DB)<3
  • RosetteMak
    RosetteMak Posts: 10 Member
    New here, I'd love some friends to keep me accountable! Feel free to add me!
  • DinoKitten5
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    Fell free to add me as I continue on my weight loss journey THANKS!!!
  • Justn83
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    HellOoooooo :0)
  • weeabae
    weeabae Posts: 1 Member
    Down for new friends. Doesn’t have to be motivating, just want some cool friends w the same goals. 👻: negativecsnail