Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • quemalosuerte
    quemalosuerte Posts: 232 Member
    Would love active members for support!
  • aliyamf
    aliyamf Posts: 3 Member
    Always open to new friends! Feel free to add😊
  • GlennCrossFit
    GlennCrossFit Posts: 28 Member
    Hello 👋🏾Feel Free to add me! I won’t bite :D
  • BiggyFuzz
    BiggyFuzz Posts: 511 Member
    Hit me up before you go go
  • Justn83
    Justn83 Posts: 5,226 Member
    Yes. Yes indeed 😊
  • kasandra527
    kasandra527 Posts: 26 Member
    Me me me!!
  • dfavela1988
    dfavela1988 Posts: 892 Member
    Add away, anyone help is welcomed.
  • Ammiegirl82
    Ammiegirl82 Posts: 4 Member
    I’d love some more friends for motivation! Just getting started to REALLY stay on track. Feel free to add me :)
  • Mama_runs_slow
    Mama_runs_slow Posts: 1,078 Member
    Looking for motivated and funny friends!
  • wolfeduane
    wolfeduane Posts: 1 Member
    I would love some new friends. Please add me and send me some messages!❤️
  • maryorpwood
    maryorpwood Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add me! I really need friends to motivate me! I've got a long way to go and need regular kicks up the (hopefully shrinking) butt!
  • Slappy74
    Slappy74 Posts: 113 Member
    👋 Could use a few more active friends.
  • ShayCarver89
    ShayCarver89 Posts: 239 Member
    I need more active friends. I have 80 some and I think 75 of them have given up!
  • almaddox0421
    almaddox0421 Posts: 14 Member
    Add me! I’m on every day. And pretty positive! Good luck! 👍🏼

  • rileye5381
    rileye5381 Posts: 1 Member
    Kinda new here! Would love some support on finishing my weight loss journey! Have already lost just under 50lbs since last November! Have another 40-60 to go!
  • RulerOfCali1979
    RulerOfCali1979 Posts: 80 Member
    Hey fit peeps. Feel free to add me. 💪🏾
  • jillcarslake
    jillcarslake Posts: 977 Member
    Can always use new friends and motivated people 😊
  • eddied38
    eddied38 Posts: 47 Member
    I like friends
  • Watch_me_burnem
    Watch_me_burnem Posts: 8 Member
    Bring on the motivation and support! I will do my best to be that for you as well!!
  • Tony_Von_Stryfe
    Tony_Von_Stryfe Posts: 153 Member
    Hi, I'm a active member. I love to motivate and be motivated