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    zachduden wrote: »
    I'm always accepting friend requests from motivational and inspirational people, so feel free to add me! Also, leave a comment below if you would like others to add you! :)
    zachduden wrote: »
    I'm always accepting friend requests from motivational and inspirational people, so feel free to add me! Also, leave a comment below if you would like others to add you! :)

    Hello it’s my first time on here but feel free to add me
  • andrewc420
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    Hey I started 2 months ago and I wanted to get some friends that have this app lol
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    always looking to support , motivate and laugh. :smile:
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    Daily logging, open diary. Always looking for active folks to connect with. Add me if you want!
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    Second round on MFP. Hoping to lose the last 10 lbs. Would love to connect with active people! Feel free to add me as a friend
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    feel free to add me :)
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    Me too :-D
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    Could always use more. My MFP "friends" have apparently disappeared off the face of the earth lol. Add me!
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    Hi there :)
    It's my first day and I'm hoping to find some fitness and weight loss buddies here, so we can get through this together!
    For more information about myself:
    I am a 25 year old student from Germany, trying to lose about 23 lbs (10 kg). I love basketball, volleyball, outdoor activities or especially trying new stuff. So definitely not a coach poatato, although my hips do lie about that.
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    Looking for extra motivation. I'm a returning user and I really could use some motivation. I really need a supportive group cause my family is not the healthiest bunch and they are not supportive either. Everytime I get a few steps forward they find a way to push me back and I'm sick of looking at myself in the mirror at what I used to be. My self of steam has drastically dropped and I'm just ready to get back to the old me. I don't care if you're gay, straight, bi or trans I don't care if you eat meat or you don't. I don't care about your skin compilation or religion I'm just looking for a partnership. You help motivate me and I'll help motivate you I promise.
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    Hey there cutie!
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    hey lads and lasses, would love to have more to steal high protein recipes from basically ;) and also the standard motivational reasons- I log daily and my diary is always open
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    I have using this app for years, but never really had any friends on here to stay motivated with. I am a 26 year old Navy veteran. I work full time. I am a step mother, bereaved mother, mother, and wife. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th pregnancy but 5th child.
    I am trying to maintain my weight and then lose my pregnancy weight post pregnancy. I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding since June 2014, yup over 5 years!
    Glad to motivate and be motivated!
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    I’m back on this site after a few years. Literally half of my friend list was inactive (hey that was me too) :D but I’m posting again. I’m a runner that likes to run a lot.
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    feel free to add me
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    Feel free to add me as well!
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    Hey there cutie!

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    Oooh, Friends.. Shiny!!
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    Yes please 😊