Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • KnitsWhoSayNee
    KnitsWhoSayNee Posts: 8 Member
    Hey everyone! Would love some friends!
  • Alia_R
    Alia_R Posts: 410 Member
    I could always use some new friends.
    I’m not looking for the ones who are in this for bullsh*t & popularity reasons. I’m looking for ones who are serious about making progress.

    And also those who like to weight lift. 😎
  • phoenixrising5721
    phoenixrising5721 Posts: 2,252 Member
    I'm always on. I'm always willing to motivate and have it given. I'm a good friend that cares. Hit me up anytime.
  • mstaniec
    mstaniec Posts: 1 Member
    🙋‍♀️ I need more friends!
  • Yoshlanm
    Yoshlanm Posts: 4 Member
    Yes! i'm new and that would be amazing! (:
    PS:i'm also starting intermittent fasting, so if anyone knows anything or wants to do it together, it would be lovely!
  • CharlieAnn31
    CharlieAnn31 Posts: 45 Member
    I'm just starting over on Just left weight watchers after over one year on that program and loss of 90 pounds, but need to lose the rest much slower and have a program that gives me nutrition value and makes me focus on the nutrition and not just the weight loss. At the cost of weight watchers I can't afford to go slow.
  • KerrieA87
    KerrieA87 Posts: 167 Member
    Feel free to add

    I’m a mum of 3, one with special needs. I have several health issues, including a genuine allergy to exercise. Daily login (not always rembering to close diary though), I’m coming up to 500 days login.
  • AshBeaner
    AshBeaner Posts: 27 Member
    As your new friend, I promise to:
    *Like all food post, comment on most.
    *Read you food diary.
    *like picture of pets
    * congratulate you on progress
    * tell you how great you look (post only, not DM)
    * not be overly serious.
    * make you laugh at least once per week.
    * encourage always

    I will not
    *creep in your inbox
    * like cardio post. Eww cardio
    * judge food choice
    * criticize you for any reason

    I love this!
  • HighPeak66
    HighPeak66 Posts: 27 Member
    Feel free to add me please !
  • NYIceQueen2019
    NYIceQueen2019 Posts: 52 Member
    You can add me to the list :smile:
  • melinalosada
    melinalosada Posts: 9 Member
    Hi! I new in keto. Im from argentina. I need know hoy much cho eat x day? Actually eat 50-70 cho.My kg are 48.
  • PerkoPounds
    PerkoPounds Posts: 7 Member
    Always down to make more friends <3
  • Feel free to add me. I am a good motivator, but sometimes I need to be pushed as well, just not off a cliff! :)
  • yelliezx
    yelliezx Posts: 633 Member
    I'm looking for more active friends! Feel free to add me! 😁
  • elc43
    elc43 Posts: 14 Member
    Add me too
  • Humbled_phil
    Humbled_phil Posts: 4 Member
    New here ! I’ve lost 67 lbs and I’m always looking for motivation and willing to support and give people motivation
  • I really do need more friends on MFP, to help me keep on track & be accountable.

    I do well for a few weeks then give up! Put weight back on & start all over again. Please add me if you are good at motivating!
  • N0easyway0ut
    N0easyway0ut Posts: 193 Member
    Trying to get back into this! I was a regular a year ago and now starting back up! feel free tp add me.