Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • PhoebeRose86
    PhoebeRose86 Posts: 2 Member
    How do you add friends?
  • StrongerBeings
    StrongerBeings Posts: 4 Member
    Doing intermittent fasting. Mainly OMAD, along with strength training.

    Be great to have more friends
  • SunflowerQueen36
    SunflowerQueen36 Posts: 1,272 Member
    Positive Vibes 🌻🖤☀ Feel free at add me
  • bdelaney33
    bdelaney33 Posts: 150 Member
    add away! love to chat with new people
  • JesseRamirezIII
    JesseRamirezIII Posts: 16 Member
    Hello MFPeeps! I've lost almost 50 pounds, and am on my last 20ish to lose towards my goal. I think these will be the hardest ones to tackle. I need encouragement and influence on your part if you are interested in being MFP friends. I am very active on here. Cheers!
  • nmwelburn
    nmwelburn Posts: 3 Member
    Hi, I'm Nick, from York, England, but I live in Japan. I'm 1/4 of the way to my goal of losing 20kg by New Year's Day. I use the app every day, and would like some new friends for mutual support. Please feel free to add me.
  • Bigsur2
    Bigsur2 Posts: 92 Member
    Feel free to add me!!!!! 💪🤘
  • raccoonsrbeavers
    raccoonsrbeavers Posts: 7 Member
    Hello! I add everyone and have an open diary! Pittsburgh, PA, currently testing out Nutrisystem! Daily weigh-ins, and I'll like and comment on your statuses!!
  • Scorpion420
    Scorpion420 Posts: 2 Member
    Will always accept more motivation and inspiration!
  • jgarza5246
    jgarza5246 Posts: 3 Member
    Let's do this! I could use any motivation I can get!!
  • Vjmikesell
    Vjmikesell Posts: 36 Member
    I’m almost 2 months in on lacto-ovo vegetarian lifestyle- gradually working my way toward vegan. I have an open diary and would love to see others, vegetarian or not, with open diaries for meal/fitness inspiration.
    KIMMISSO Posts: 163 Member
    Add me if you like❤
  • Roadie36
    Roadie36 Posts: 45 Member
    Go for it
  • ratz_z_z
    ratz_z_z Posts: 4 Member
    Yup I need friends to motivate me.
  • aj9d9972
    aj9d9972 Posts: 3 Member
    New to the site, would love some friends to laugh with! Female in my 30s, east coast U.S.
  • DCSweetheart87
    DCSweetheart87 Posts: 1 Member
    I just started this Monday getting things logged in hopes of getting weight under control. I have PCOS and it has been a struggle to get it lost. I would love any friends for help with encouragement and motivation for each other. If anyone would like to add me, please feel free. -Heather
  • MohsenSALAH
    MohsenSALAH Posts: 182 Member
    Everyone is welcome for friendship 🌹
  • Steffievaa
    Steffievaa Posts: 2 Member
    Hi I’m Steffi, I log everyday and am hoping to get rid of the last 3kilos that are preventing me from reaching my goal weight! Hope to have friends that are daily loggers too, please feel free to add :))
  • ozgurvh
    ozgurvh Posts: 181 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • Wiltord1982
    Wiltord1982 Posts: 311 Member
    I'm down for new friends!

    I'm 37, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I workout most days (weights in the gym, elliptical, running, soccer, hiking, crossfit, obstacle races :D...

    Add me! :)