Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • ShellyBear511
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    So many people, so little time. I like to get to know my friends through their posts. That’s hard to do when it’s all just diaries and workouts, except to know some of you are just crazy and need a sandwich. 🤣🤣 j/k Add me please!! I’m so bored!!!
  • Jakiracki
    Jakiracki Posts: 62 Member
    I need friends!! I have lost 35lbs so far. Its been over a very long period of time though. I still have at least 25 more to go!! I need as much motivation as I can get! =)
  • Big time *kitten* show here, add me for the good reads.
  • Okillhavecake
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    edited October 2020
  • nicholemurphy87
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    Could qlways use some motivation!! Have 150 pounds to lose. 38 down so far
  • LegionOfZoom
    LegionOfZoom Posts: 196 Member
    Hi! Always looking for good friends!
  • EliasAlexander01
    EliasAlexander01 Posts: 8 Member
    What up, I'm Elias, I'm 19, and I never f*cking learned how to read.
    I just started back on here after my 506th failed attempt and I'm looking for friends to keep me motivated and hold me accountable ✌🏼💪🏼

    (Apologies to anyone who doesn't know what Vine is and now questions my sanity)
  • Okillhavecake
    Okillhavecake Posts: 4,855 Member
    Add away always welcome new friends
  • leanme85
    leanme85 Posts: 67 Member
    Looking to expand my wolf-pack
  • Icecreamjorna
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    Hey everyone :D please add me, I've been around for years but fell off the wagon 😅😅 let's do this xx
  • Yes I’m looking for friends too!
  • sanento wrote: »
    Yup I need motivation x x

    Don’t we all?
  • Rocoup
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    Hey everyone :D please add me, I've been around for years but fell off the wagon 😅😅 let's do this xx

    We are friends already you've been there for years lol
  • MommiLauren
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    Umm... me please 😬 needing some freaking help lol
  • seepersaud
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    add me
  • heatherriches1
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    Hi everyone!! I hope your all having a fab day! I'm posting because I would absolutely love to make some new friends on this app and help motivate others and receive motivation top, Let's Do It Together ❤️❤️❤️
  • 1InAMillionJules
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    Just started here again.. feel free to add me!
  • Okillhavecake
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    Feel free to add me love new friends