Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • massivej69
    massivej69 Posts: 24 Member
    Very near my fitness goal and plan on being here for much longer. New friends are always a cherry on the cake !
  • shrinkingmrsb
    shrinkingmrsb Posts: 17 Member
    Looking for accountability. My HW & SW was 342lbs, 1 week in and I managed to lose 14lbs. I haven’t got a set GW - but I’m aiming for a healthy BMI 💚 Please feel free to add me.
    _ORIGINAL_BEAST_ Posts: 118 Member
    edited September 2021
    Whats up family im giving it another shot. I had a physical 2 weeks ago and I was 340lbs. So its time to make something happen. I dont have any friends right now but I definitely would like some👌🏽
  • Justn_83
    Justn_83 Posts: 483 Member
    Yeah sure add me if you'd like 🙂
  • DoctorMOHSEN
    DoctorMOHSEN Posts: 53 Member
    Always welcoming new friends, don’t hesitate to send a request ❤️
    JWFLA Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! 30lb down need to lose 11 more, walking every day and using this app to keep on track
  • amycobb1984
    amycobb1984 Posts: 7 Member
    I’m down 77 pounds with 100 to go. I’m very active on here so if you want a pal feel free to add me 🖤
  • I would love some friends! Starting a journey to lose 100+ pounds with low carb/keto and exercise.
  • mourvedre
    mourvedre Posts: 107 Member
    Just joined MFP. Would love a few supportive friends!
  • Futurelifenow
    Futurelifenow Posts: 3 Member
    Life can change quickly. I lost 70 pounds four years ago thanks to this app. I've had extremely difficult year due to a severe medical condition. I am leaning to live again and here to loose another 30 pounds. I know it's going to take longer this time but I know I can do it and so can you!

    Looking to meet supportive friends!

    Never give upb46q6x9y4e4l.jpg

  • ozgurvh
    ozgurvh Posts: 181 Member
    Hey all, feel free to add me :)
  • NJPhil
    NJPhil Posts: 45 Member
    Looking for some active friends to keep me motivated.
  • HarveysBud
    HarveysBud Posts: 417 Member
    Back at it after a gutting few years of letting myself get to the heavies I've ever been. I want to see my kids grow up. Motivational friends more than welcome.
  • MarghieBargie
    MarghieBargie Posts: 2 Member
    Just starting out. Definitely would appreciate some support and motivation!
  • TheMarty1
    TheMarty1 Posts: 7 Member
    Always down for new friends on here! Pretty active, hit my goal once and setting new ones! Good luck on your journey!
  • Ladyovthelakes
    Ladyovthelakes Posts: 79 Member
  • Bicepcurl
    Bicepcurl Posts: 286 Member
    Hello all of you! I could use some friends :)!
  • StvnMrtn_86
    StvnMrtn_86 Posts: 10 Member
    35 years old, big guy, looking to lose quite a bit. Just started o. Sunday. Always looking for some more friends.
  • rm6335920
    rm6335920 Posts: 256 Member
    Feel free to add me -will support you on your journey-all is welcome
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 30,064 Member
    Anyone is welcome to add me ... I love to support anyone on their journey :)