Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • DaniSue2021
    DaniSue2021 Posts: 19 Member
    Working on getting rid of this pandemic/wfh weight I put on. Would love to make some good friends to help with motivation
  • LegionOfZoom
    LegionOfZoom Posts: 179 Member
    Always down for more friends!
  • K_Train450
    K_Train450 Posts: 119 Member
    Hello. I'm back at it after a long break and looking for some other dedicated people to share motivation with.
  • robertredmond3484
    robertredmond3484 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey all newbie here! Trying to figure this thing out haha, welcome to add me would love to chat and keep each other motivated on our goals!!
  • Icecreamjorna
    Icecreamjorna Posts: 44 Member
    Hey everyone!! Been around here for years and years! Please add me xx
  • shopaholic221
    shopaholic221 Posts: 148 Member
    Hi all, Always looking for more supportive and motivational friends. Feel free to add me if you like :)
  • 1975Pedro
    1975Pedro Posts: 4 Member
    Hi back again after losing my phone in a bad water accident. And forgetting my old account username and password So I started a new one. I'm looking for great motivated friends. I will post my picture up soon.
  • ShadoLuxe
    ShadoLuxe Posts: 2 Member
    Yes, please.
  • Shellbie100
    Shellbie100 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi, I am new to the groups thing but not to MFP, although I'm back after a looooonnnggg break. I'm in terrible shape and need to get back on the horse. Need some motivation! Not sure how to add people, so please feel free to add me. Thanks!
  • johnlindblom7150
    johnlindblom7150 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! I’ve started this app a few days ago. I’ve lost 16 lbs so far. Definitely wanting to look great this summer. Let’s help each other out!! Feel free to add me
  • 69papilicious69
    69papilicious69 Posts: 3 Member
    All are welcome to add me --starting again for the 10 or 11 time--feel free to add will support and motivate you
  • jsanjurjo91
    jsanjurjo91 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey everyone! I'm new to my fitness pal!
    I would love to have a community where I can go to forotivation, advice & who are on the same journey as I am! Just to lose weight!

    Please feel free to add me!
  • Wazzer1977
    Wazzer1977 Posts: 7 Member
    New here and would definitely like some motivational mfp’s. Please feel free to add/request
  • kaskalany
    kaskalany Posts: 33 Member
    Hello people I want new friends i am certified trainer would love to have some new friends anytime you have questions you can ask me
  • estrad06
    estrad06 Posts: 35 Member
    Cheers 🍻 😊 always great to meet new people. Especially people who aren’t scared of discussions, support, and motivation.
  • MariaAlbina
    MariaAlbina Posts: 131 Member
    Me me me! I’ve had this account for years and it’s been a while but I’m back and ready to really take this seriously since I hit a number on the scale I was not happy with.

    Happy to be added by anyone else, as well!
    SH3KAYLA Posts: 8 Member
    Let's keep each other motivated :)

    Feel free to add me!
  • Oliveciabatta
    Oliveciabatta Posts: 294 Member
    Returner here. Been away too long, need some friends and support network on here to cheer on and lean on x
  • Happygolucky182
    Happygolucky182 Posts: 120 Member
    Heck yessss….

    Back on MFP trying to tone up, get my sweat on, and have some fantastic friends along for the ride!!

    Loving life in sunny North Carolina!!
  • ImAJH
    ImAJH Posts: 391 Member
    Add me :)