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  • lonescouter
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    Old Texas Airborne soldier (vet) here...doctors and wife have said I've gotta drop some pounds and log everything that goes in my mouth. Bad knees & feet will welcome any loss I achieve; overweight, diabetic, high BP, high triglycerides, ptsd but kicked cancer's butt 3 times so far but it killed my thyroid's functionality.
  • lonescouter
    lonescouter Posts: 5 Member
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  • lonescouter
    lonescouter Posts: 5 Member
    Hi, I’m new here. I learned about the app from a YouTuber named Dr. Mike Diamond. I found out I might have cancer in August. Since then I’ve been changing my diet and exercising more. I’ve been studying to become a personal trainer. I’m looking to make lifetime friendships here. As long as you are a person of love and peace, respect and loyalty will always come from me.

    That C is a tough road, I've been there 3 times winning sofar; I hope you get a good prognosis and effective treatment!
  • NotSoFat7O
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    Back after taking some time to deal with a mystery ailment that was causing me some issues, including lack of energy to do anything. Still don't know what it was but seems to have run it's course. Been working out regularly the last few weeks and ready to kick it back up 💥
  • NotSoFat7O
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    🙄 not sure why it posted twice. Lol, some *kitten* never changes 😂
  • BetteBz
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    Id love some friends.
  • Sugartown2
    Sugartown2 Posts: 40 Member
    I just signed up and would enjoy having some friends to help motivate me.
  • madxprofessor
    madxprofessor Posts: 81 Member
    Hi there fitfam. Lost over 100lbs, gained some back after an accident & surgery + covid. Kind of a good thing because I was nearly underweight. Anyways add me for support & inspo ♡
  • jayjeremyway
    jayjeremyway Posts: 4 Member
    Hello Everyone. My name is Jay. I'm trying to get more consistent with my food logging and get some control of my weight.
  • dtigger6018
    dtigger6018 Posts: 2 Member
    Would love new friends feel free to add me need the motivation
  • Danuelle11
    Danuelle11 Posts: 22 Member
    Would love new friends! I’ve been on Mfp for a while, but just recently went back to the app full time. A lot of my friends are no longer using mfp and I miss the interaction and accountability.
  • Bequiaman
    Bequiaman Posts: 10 Member
    Hello All. I am newish to MyFitnessPal and would love more friends who are serious about their health journey. Add me!
  • Oh helllo!

    I started 75 soft on Monday following the last 75 days of the year. Trying to keep consistent & log my food so I know I am on track! Readjusting to a healthy lifestyle after binging all summer. Add me for support/motivation & to help keep you & I accountable !
  • Landythefridge
    Landythefridge Posts: 11 Member
    Hey all, new to the social side of this app so feel free to add me! Looking to keep myself accountable while not over indulging over the winter months. Potentially doing another bodybuilding show mid to end of next year as well
  • cfgreear
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    Hey, I would love to make some friends and chat a bit. Im not new on here but its been a while. Ive been bulking for about half the year trying to just pack on whatever muscle I could. Put on 8 lbs of muscle but with it 20 lbs of fat. Im in the process of dropping that now while trying to keep as much muscle as possible.

    Im a geek, I obsess about Godzilla and anime. I build computers and have a gaming channel on youtube as well as a few podcasts. Lets talk and be friends.
  • Lissa1129
    Lissa1129 Posts: 10 Member
    Been her for a while, but really trying to lose weight. I have dietary restrictions, and autoimmune issues so it’s been a real struggle. I need low oxalates, low sodium, and GF foods.
    I have increased cardio a lot and plan on adding strength training too.
    I am looking for positive peeps to help each other on this weight loss journey and to also know when to keep it real. :)
  • cluschrvp1
    cluschrvp1 Posts: 4 Member
    Looking to connect with others who want to encourage & Inspire one another and help each other hit their goals etc! From Indianapolis area
  • Stacie1809
    Stacie1809 Posts: 2 Member
    I would love some friends and support. I need to loose weight to be around for my grandchildren. I know I can't do this alone.
  • SunchipsCathy
    SunchipsCathy Posts: 8 Member
    Hi all! Hopping back on this platform after some time away. I’ve managed to put on approx 40lbs over the last few years. Becoming a new mom, pandemic panic eating, stress drinking, sedentary work days, etc. I could use the motivation from new friends!
  • Run_Eat_Lift
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    Back here again. 43 female from Canada! I love to run and back to eating low carb