Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • murphey24
    murphey24 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, I am back to get healthy again and restart my journey. Feel free to add me as I need all the friends I can get to keep me motivated and on track.
  • Csc143
    Csc143 Posts: 50 Member
    Hello 👋 everyone. I’m not so new here 😁 but feel free to add me. ♥️
  • realferz
    realferz Posts: 3 Member
    Hi!! Not new to MFP but I’m back to lose 40lbs. I’m type 2 diabetic so food choices are difficult for me. Looking to make friends so feel free to add me
  • BluBug74
    BluBug74 Posts: 5 Member
    Hey! I’m new here and would love some friends to help each other out 😊
    I’m 48 and in the process of trying to loose about 40lbs.
    Trying to stick with being in a calorie deficit and working out at the gym on average 3-4 days a week. I’m also trying out intermittent fasting and am seeing some very positive results from that.
  • PiscesIntuition
    PiscesIntuition Posts: 1,365 Member
    Not new here, but I welcome more friends!
  • JaysFan82
    JaysFan82 Posts: 842 Member
    Love having more friends. I hit my goal back in Feb 2023 (down 170 pounds! Woooo!), so I'm in Maintenance. My diary is open and I'm a dedicated food logger. Always looking to support others on their journey. It's so great being in Maintenance. I want others to experience this.
  • LiftEatRepeat43
    LiftEatRepeat43 Posts: 5 Member
  • PNWtexasgirl
    PNWtexasgirl Posts: 5 Member
    I am starting my weight loss journey and am hoping to lose 123 pounds total! I'm in my early 30's and would love friends with a similar goal near my age to keep each other accountable and to motivate! I live in the beautiful PNW and enjoy outdoors and reading :)
  • J383 wrote: »
    Hello, I'm back to restart my journey. Would love to find inspirational pals to help keep my accountability in check. Feel free to add me. Log daily :smiley:

    I tried to add you but it says your profile is set to private.
  • TomFit18
    TomFit18 Posts: 2,575 Member
    Good morning peeps! Feel free to add me!
  • Sampsonpka
    Sampsonpka Posts: 1 Member
    Positivity and encouragement, I got time for that!
  • KL1887
    KL1887 Posts: 110 Member
    Happy to have more friends
  • ltm757
    ltm757 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi there! :) Looking for new friends that log in multiple times a week so we can support and learn from each other. My goal in 2023 is to build more muscle and bulk up. As a woman, I'm not afraid to gain more muscle!! What's your goal for 2023?
  • Lightbeamer
    Lightbeamer Posts: 49 Member
    I am looking for friends that are willing to support me, as I support them!
  • zackboomer
    zackboomer Posts: 68 Member
    I've got no friends on here :( I want friends
  • mielo1986
    mielo1986 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi everyone! Hope your weekend has started well? I’ve had the app for ages but done nothing with it 🤦‍♂️ I need to be accountable as I am the heaviest I have ever been at 19st 2lb 😅 just completed my first 7 days of intermittent fasting 18/6 and looking to start incorporating keto with it. gone premium and now look for freinds / people to keep me motivated 🙏👊🏻
  • LiftEatRepeat43
    LiftEatRepeat43 Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add! I lift, eat and repeat 😅...lot's of eating! Open diary! I'm a great supporter, but don't be a motivation sucker 🤣🤣
  • Kirk_mfp
    Kirk_mfp Posts: 19 Member
    edited June 4
    Jumping back into exercising and getting strong again. Going from 300 pounds to to hopefully 220 pounds, something like that.

    Feel free to add me! Lets do this.
  • PeteGurd23
    PeteGurd23 Posts: 2 Member
    Well I’m back on MFP….dabbled into SW and WW but prefer this app for tracking carbs as a Type2 diabetic…….friends list is currently empty so feel free to add especially if UK and in the diabetes community
  • Naomi_7
    Naomi_7 Posts: 3 Member
    This is my first week! I have no friends yet but am happy to make some to share the journey with! 😁