Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • NTL_Matthew
    NTL_Matthew Posts: 3 Member
    Hey everyone
    was on here years ago. I had a kidney transplant in May and my doctor needs me to try and lose a few KG. Giving it my best attempt. Friends make it a little easier
  • SophisticatedEats
    SophisticatedEats Posts: 1 Member
    edited August 2023
    Hey, I’ve decided to return to MFP! Trying to stay on top of my diet. I’m now doing a diet a detox. Feel free to add me 👋
  • bvbblegvms
    bvbblegvms Posts: 50 Member
    Hey y'all! I was on here a couple of years ago and looking to restart this journey to a healthier me. Feel free to add me!
  • MountainMamaMarissa
    MountainMamaMarissa Posts: 202 Member
    I’m not new, but I’d like to find a few ladies for accountability buddies (40+) who are active on MFP, and are positive and encouraging.
    I checked my very small friends list today and almost all of them had not even logged in for months.
    I’m not single or looking to meet men or chat, I just want some ladies who checks their newsfeed daily on the app and will hit the like button and encourage me to keep up the good work when I post exercise etc. 😁
  • realferz
    realferz Posts: 8 Member
    would love to meet people that are positive people with like minded goals :smile:
  • superironmom
    superironmom Posts: 27 Member
    Add me 🌸
  • iriskiki
    iriskiki Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone!
  • Trying2Bfit2day
    Trying2Bfit2day Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone, I have been on MFP for 16 days and hoping to log in daily. I could use some motivation and would love to motivate others!
  • NTL_Matthew
    NTL_Matthew Posts: 3 Member
    Hey, I’ve decided to return to MFP! Trying to stay on top of my diet. I’m now doing a diet a detox. Feel free to add me 👋

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  • 365DayChallenge_
    365DayChallenge_ Posts: 9 Member
    :) Hello! New member with 93 lbs to lose. Feel free to add me - we are in this together!!
  • I'm active almost everyday! Trying to lose about 50LBS! Would love more friends to stay motivated and motivate others!! Also anyone have tips for healthy dinners/meals I would love some inspo! The bigger the community the better!!!!!!
  • southbayfit
    southbayfit Posts: 20 Member
    Add me if you want. 🤙
  • NinjaCalibrated
    NinjaCalibrated Posts: 7 Member
    I’m open to new friends
  • mlkung1985
    mlkung1985 Posts: 3 Member
    I am always open for more friends too! I have only added 2 people so far & it is always good for those times I need a bit of a push if I fall off the Wagon! I haven't yet but doesn't mean i won't!

    Anyone add me 🥰
  • Looking for more friends! 124 days in! Looking for more active members :) Diaries open if you want a snoop , comment daily , respond to posts! :)
  • wellness5129
    wellness5129 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m in Tony!
  • Nahyeahnah
    Nahyeahnah Posts: 24 Member
    Hi I'm not new really, was here 10 or so years ago and after 4 years i stopped due to life challenges. I'm back, I have cfs/me, fnd, pcos and more so weight loss isn't easy but I gained all that weight I lost x300% I lost 15kg gained 60kg. Meds have contributed to about half that but food and exercise has too. So here I am looking for friends to help keep me on track.
  • antiderivative
    antiderivative Posts: 239 Member
    I would enjoy having new friends here.
  • dearjo7274
    dearjo7274 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey 👋 Cutting weight and building muscles for the foreseeable, not dieting and making life changing choices to eat healthy and stay healthy.
    Some friends for motivation would be good 😊
  • Rockman67
    Rockman67 Posts: 74 Member
    add me if you like I am a good support system and will cheer you on on a daily