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Recomposition: Maintaining weight while losing fat



  • AdamAussie34AdamAussie34 Posts: 122Member Member Posts: 122Member Member
    magpye76 wrote: »
    @AdamAussie34 that's a fantastic transformation! Look how happy it's made you!! And in just 12 weeks? Raa!🤟
    I'm particularly impressed with your triceps.
    Nice job! Wow that's a lot of protein! I aim for around 120 and really struggle despite prioritising it constantly.

    Thanks!! You just made my day😊
    Although I aim for 160 min I often only get to 120 grams. On some occasions I’ll get over 200 but that takes allot of effort.
    Try having a protein shake and some fish in the Morning. Or talking a couple of cans of tuna with you to work.
  • AdamAussie34AdamAussie34 Posts: 122Member Member Posts: 122Member Member
    ghudson92 wrote: »
    ghudson92 wrote: »
    How is everyone getting on with their recomp? I was seeing good results October to early December of last year, but had to take time out due to injury and illness. During that time I simply focused on maintaining as couldn't be active. This week I am back to recomp and loving it! This time round I am focusing more on the quality of nutrition and upping my protein levels too.

    Good luck with your recomp! Hope the injury is okay now..

    Thank you. I very nearly broke my wrist so it was slow to get better, but I'd say it is 90% recovered now. Love your post upthread, congrats on the amazing progress!

    Many 🙏 love the positive vibes
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    I'll just bump this. Some people are looking for it. :)
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    Hi, I am returning to weight lifting in my exercise regimen after taking a few years off. (Had elbow tendinitis, had to re-structure program, got busy with other activities like riding horses and barn chores.) I am 57, with arthritis and currently around 23-24% bodyfat at 5'5" and 127 pounds. I have been trying to lift every other (but sometimes every 3rd) day and follow kind of a "BodyPump" style of warm-up, squats, chest, deadlifts and rows, triceps, biceps, lunges, abs and stretching. The whole thing takes about 45-55 minutes, but I am slower and more focused on technique than the BodyPump "in-time-with-the-music-always" approach. I also do cardio 3-5x per week 20-40 minutes. I basically use this app to make sure I am hitting all of my nutrients on the pre-determined settings for my age and goal weight of 125. Any suggested tweaks? (I also work and have a family in addition to the horses so I cannot spend hours and hours on body-building.)
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