Dog or cat person ?



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    borst14 wrote: »

    Dogs. He gets me and has won numerous cuddling awards. My cat is just pure evil.

    Very nice
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  • RNGRZulu
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    Only Boxers
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    I'm a person-person. All of you half-cat, half-dog people are frightening me. US....Them. US....them.
  • criss999
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    Dogs are awesome... Paws down!
  • ak4niner
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    Both, but have a preference for cats. Our cat keeps an acre-radius circle rodent free. She earns her keep!

    Dogs make great companions and make evil peoples think twice, but they smell
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    Dog Person
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    Woof woof
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    Dogs for sure!!
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    RNGRZulu wrote: »


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    Miss my cute little doggy, Lucky. She was so full of life :'(
  • marciemartin1
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    Cats. I have 3 of them.
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    Definite doggies. We have a Chi-Weenie and a Terrier-Chi mix...Best dogs ever! For the record, we sort of still have a cat. He's been living at my in-laws for years. Only cat I really like.
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    I have a wiener. :)
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    Dog!!! Love my girl
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    Big Dogs!
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    Cat :smile: Would love a dog one day, when I can commit to one. :smile:
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    dogs.. my dog is my best friend
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    This morning, on my way to the bus, I met a guy walking his big, rangy dog coming the other way. Doggie sniffed my hand, clearly scenting kitties, and intrigued. Then he stood on his hind legs, front paws on my shoulders and said hello (I mean, he's a big dog). The guy and I both laughed. It was a nice way to start the morning!