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  • BlitzClipzBlitzClipz Member Posts: 154 Member Member Posts: 154 Member
    Update: I can do the 25 pushups, although my form for the last 5 or so is suspect. Progress. I can run the 1.5 consistently in about 16. So I have to shave about 30 seconds off still. Progress. I can't even do one successful sit up at this point because when I do, my lower abs literally feel like they're ripping and I get a very annoying and painful cramp. Idk if this means I am making progress by strengthening my abs. I have been doing 2 days of varying muscle workouts and 1 day off. I've been drinking protein supplements after each workout. Any tips on how to combat this ab thing?
  • tomatoeytomatoey Member Posts: 5,459 Member Member Posts: 5,459 Member
    that isn't a kind of pain i remember experiencing with situps, ever :/ good work on your progress in everything else, though - which came very fast! i think you'll do well if you can figure out the ab thing - sorry I can't help with that :/ but - have you had kids? no chance you have a umbilical hernia, something like that?
  • MonsoonStormMonsoonStorm Member Posts: 371 Member Member Posts: 371 Member
    With tomatoey here. I'd get that checked out, that doesn't sound right at all. Even in my worst "I can't move..." DOMS days I never feel like that.

    Stop trying to strengthen them and get it checked.
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