before and after FACE edition



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    On the left is the photo that made me think enough is enough- I’m 43 and need to sort myself out ... always been overweight, and could do with losing another 7/8lbs but I seem to be stuck. However, I’ve decided to not worry too much and enjoy Xmas (within reason!!) and try maintain. MFP, and regular exersize have been great.

    Your glasses got much bigger! Congratulations on your success 👍
  • cleenjones
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    You look absolutely wonderful and are areal inspiration,, I’m just starting my journey at about the same place you started yours, and I have a question: just wondering how long has it taken you to drop 50 pounds?
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    Jamie2663 wrote: »

    9 Years apart. I am not 100% sure of my weight back then but I would say there is about a 90 lb difference.

    Starting date: 11/28/2018 - 85 lbs lost

    Girl!!!! What a transformation!!! You look incredible!!! 🤩🤩🤩💪🌟✨

    Thank you!!
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    During -50 lbs still have more to go

    Those photos look like a mother and daughter. WOW! Not that you weren't attractive before but that is an amazing transformation!

    Thank you so much ❤️
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    ploomka wrote: »
    Not sure what I weigh now, but was last weighed at 258 on Oct 1 2019. Before pics were somewhere around 315. Before pic with my hair up was taken in March of this year, the one with my hair down was Sept 2018. After pics are from Dec 18 this year.
    <snip great photos, for reply length>

    And you're yet another example of why I always tell people worried about "looking old after losing weight" to read this whole thread. Nice work!
  • ploomka
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    I love this thread. One thing that really stuck out to me - whether the visual weight change was big or small, the confidence and joy SHINES through the eyes and smile of the "now" pictures. Taking care of oneself is such a boost to spirit and soul. Congrats to all who are caring for and loving themselves. You DESERVE it!
  • ploomka
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    An updated face progress! From 200 lbs to 134 lbs
    You were beautiful before, but you are absolutely stunning now!