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5`2/5`3 women success stories?



  • workinonit1956workinonit1956 Posts: 1,029Member Member Posts: 1,029Member Member
    @Cerakoala -amazing transformation!!! You look so happy and healthy, congratulations on all of your hard work :)
  • retirehappyretirehappy Posts: 4,835Member Member Posts: 4,835Member Member
    I hadn't checked this thread in a long time, congrats to all the shorty losers LOL.

    There are some great transformations in this thread, you are all awesome. See my profile pic for my transformation. Oh and I am not only a shorty, I am post menopausal. I've been in maintenance for over a year now.
  • bwjunkie6bwjunkie6 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I am 5'3" ... my heaviest was 169 and my lowest 125 (after a surgery where I got very sick). My goal is to be 125 again. It was a short time but I was happy. I have been unhappy with my body most of my adult life.

    I lost about 20lbs in a year-- from 169 to 149. Im hovering at 155 now. Its hard to not just give up and not eat all together. But I know weight loss is possible, because I have done it. You can do it too.
  • debtay123debtay123 Posts: 1,151Member Member Posts: 1,151Member Member
    Yeah we can do this! It does take time- I am definitely a "turtle"- it is just small losses each week that lead to the big losses over time- we can do it- eye on the prize!!!!- which for me is better health
  • HDBKLMHDBKLM Posts: 447Member Member Posts: 447Member Member
    bump - needing to hear a bit of good news for my height group today!
  • SpadhnikSpadhnik Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    I am 5`2.5 and trying to find women with similar stats for inspiration. Pics are good ;)
    Add Me if ya want!

    I am 5’3’’. Not reached goal weight yet but slowing moving towards it. Add me if you can... I cannt add friends in app.

    All the best!
  • workinonit1956workinonit1956 Posts: 1,029Member Member Posts: 1,029Member Member
  • ITfitchickITfitchick Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
  • fanncy0626fanncy0626 Posts: 5,821Member Member Posts: 5,821Member Member
    Bump for inspiration!
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