Are You Proud?



  • KarlaH9801
    KarlaH9801 Posts: 362 Member
    I am sticking to my alcohol-free resolution. And, a kid was short a quarter at the movie theater on Wednesday, and I had found one on the ground, so I gave it to him.
  • toriraeh
    toriraeh Posts: 105 Member
    I've run two miles straight the last two times I've gone out to run. Six months ago, I couldn't run for more than a few minutes (on the treadmill) and now I can run for over 20! I'm super slow but I've signed up for 2 5ks and I'm determined to run most, if not all of them!

    As for the helping someone else, I wouldn't say this makes me proud necessarily, but every morning before I head to the gym, I get my husband's coffee ready for him so all he has to do is hit brew. He gets up for exercise at 5am so he gets home just after I leave, so if I can't see him, I can at least make sure I can "make" him his coffee :)
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