Trouble Eating After Breakup



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    You seem to have a really good approach to this, it's good that you've found help in the form of a therapist, and it's great that you're still concerned about your own health and proper nutrition.
    My advice though, is that you need to give yourself time. Self-love is so important, especially when you're going through a lot of emotional turmoil and grieving a long-term relationship ending. As someone mentioned above, worrying about getting proper nutrition too much will stress you out, and that'll just make things worse. Take the time to be sad, work on looking after yourself, eat when you're hungry and try and get as close to your calorie goal as possible, and worry about nutrition once you're feeling better :)
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    I'm not worried so much about the not eating, it's the resulting eating non-nutritious foods that I'm more worried about. I don't want to derail my progress but it's so hard to care right now :(

    Seriously, don't worry about how healthy the food is. Just eat what sounds good when you are hungry. I know how hard it is to feed yourself through grief, worrying about it will just make you stress more.

    If you really want a suggestion, then I'd say try ingesting vegetables with more fat added. So greenbeans with bacon, potatoes with butter and cheese, Brussels sprouts roasted with olive oil and topped with walnuts. Easy to make, satisfying, and more vitamins and minerals.

    I completely agree with this. Great suggestions here.