"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."-Kate Moss



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    Chica has never had good Tex-Mex.

    This. So much.

    ETA: Just realizing I can never move away from Texas. Life would be very hard.
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    whomever thinks this isn't eating the food I am cooking and eating...sorry but some of the food I have eaten and made was sooo good it was like....well...almost as good as good sex...
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    Personally, I don't like this quote because to me it implies that food that tastes good will make you fat. It implies that you can't eat tasty food and still lose weight. It implies that 'skinny' people must live on lettuce for life. None of which are true, of course. That's just my interpretation of it. If someone else wants to interpret it a different way, that's fine (except for those using it in a pro-ana way).
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    i find it interesting that the vast majority of the support for this quote as a positive and motivational/inspirational quote is coming from the female persuasion...which statistically also has a much higher rate of ED and other disordered thinking where food and fitness are concerned...

    it's all very interesting...
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    IMHO, "skinny" is too interpretable. so, i use the phrase "nothing tastes as good as healthy living feels". That's more definite.
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    I like the quote, and I had no idea Kate Moss was associated with this quote. I heard it a few years back from someone and thought it was a good thing to remember if I've already indulged a bit for the day. Again, when I hear or see this quote I don't think "ah yes, Kate Moss said this".

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    I'm sorry skinny does not feel as good as brownies taste.
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    I don't care for the absolutism of the statement regardless of word choice (skinny). It's just not very thoughtful and overly simplified. For that matter, I'd have a problem if it were reversed as well: Nothing feels as good as [random food] tastes. Neither is true nor balanced. There are situations where either might be accurate, and that's the question I personally need to ask when I make a food choice.

    Is this choice worth the effects? Based on my interpretation, this statement basically limits thoughtful choices. Therefore, I find it kind of useless.
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    These type of motivational quotes are what helps me stick to my goal sometimes. Of course it can be interpreted as pro ana but so can a lot of fitness/dieting quotes. If you ignore how it is Kate moss and all the implications of that then it is just a motivational quote that makes you think before you eat.

    Personally I think it's a clever way to phrase it (not including the word skinny) and it really makes me think about my choices.
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    People keep saying 'food DOES taste better than skinny feels' or 'I can't imagine living life not eating all the good yummy things' but that to me is not at all what the quote is saying.
    I don't think of the quote as saying don't eat anything yummy or don't enjoy food. To me it just says that if what you're eating isn't going to help you to get/remain fit/slim/thin/healthy, then it isn't worth it. So yes, you can have your pie and eat it to, but you can't eat the whole dang pie, unless you're fitting it into your calories.
    If people on this site truly thought food does taste better than being fit/slim/thin/healthy then no one on here would be losing weight. People ARE choosing fit/slim/thin/healthy over food.

    actually, I eat to train...and that often requires a great deal of food.

    What's your point. I said you can eat anything you want if it fits in your calories. And most people here are trying to lose weight so they HAVE to eat below their TDEE to do so and considering they got over weight by eating more than their TDEE then they have to chose to not do that.

    the relationship and what's going on in the head...

    to me, the quote insinuates a *kitten* relationship with food, particularly as when Kate Moss said it, she pretty much was looking anorexic and probably was/is...she certainly wasn't eating to train or improve or be healthy...she was pretty much starving herself...

    that's the point...thanks for asking.

    You're twisting the quote into what you want to hear, and I'm twisting it into what I want to hear. That's all that happening.

    how am I twisting anything when it is coming from someone who very obviously has/had an ED by all appearances?



    perhaps we should all give t-shirts to our young daughters and nieces, etc with this quote...being how it's so motivational and positive and so obviously represents a healthy mindset...


    Your second picture is not Kate Moss. It's Keira Knightley.