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  • ashmarie8722
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    edited September 2015
    Congrats Everyone, even if you didn't hit your goal, you are still here and that is a win! Double congrats to those who hit their goal. Keep it up everyone! :)

    So, August ended up being a wash for me. I had family in town and then I have been sick with some respiratory infection for the last week. Today, is my first day back in it. I will weigh in on Sat. Sorry I have been out of it the last couple weeks. So excited for this group to keep going :)

    For Sept, I am making it my goal to be below 155, it is about 5 pounds.
  • loni26
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    I did not do well in the month of August, had alot of ups and downs. I've made progress in the last two weeks, hopefully i can stay motivated. I usually hit a time were a get "bored" frustrated, and even angry, than i fall. I'll keep in touch so that doesn't happen
  • Pmckinzie
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    CW 208
    Sept GW 199

    Was happy with 8 lb loss in August. Would love to be in one-der-land by september 30th.
  • loni26
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    Feeling pretty good for a change. Starting to go down in weight. Said no to nachos last night also, big step. Hopefully I'm in the zone now
  • mmebouchon
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    I am in for September. I missed my August goal. I wanted to loose 6 and only lost 4. I will go for one pound a week for Sept.