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Maintenance: Range instead of number

segacssegacs Posts: 4,635Member Member Posts: 4,635Member Member
It would be nice if MFP had an option to enter a maintenance weight range of say 5lbs or so, rather than requiring an exact goal weight number.

For example, my target maintenance range is 105-110. My weight naturally fluctuates within a few pounds or so on different days or weeks, due to water weight, hormones, different times of day, etc. I'd like MFP to recognize that any weight in that range is still fine and stay on maintenance calories, rather than automatically switching to a deficit the minute I get even a fraction of a pound over 105.

At the moment I've gotten around it by manually setting my calorie goal. But it would be a nice feature.


  • beautifulsparklesbeautifulsparkles Posts: 314Member Member Posts: 314Member Member
    I thought this was going to be a calorie range. I think that would be a useful tool for maintenance and weight loss.
  • yarwellyarwell Posts: 10,573Member Member Posts: 10,573Member Member
    Confused - why does MFP react to logging weight ? Are you recalculating goals ?
  • EvgeniZyntxEvgeniZyntx Posts: 24,424Member Member Posts: 24,424Member Member

    I don't think you know how this place works.
  • segacssegacs Posts: 4,635Member Member Posts: 4,635Member Member
    @Linnaea27 , this is what you and I were talking about yesterday, right? I forgot that I'd already started a thread about it.
  • kjarvokjarvo Posts: 247Member Member Posts: 247Member Member
    I didn't know that it did this. But yes, you don't need to diet as soon as you go 1lb over, because of natural fluctuations, especially for women.
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