Possible to get sixpack without face looking too thin/sick?



  • frankiesgirlie
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    rainbowbow wrote: »
    I can say, in my case, NO.

    Here's a progression of my face as i've lost weight.





    I didn't realize it was even that noticeable until looking at these pictures. I was low 20's body fat in the first two. I was 18% in the third. And i measured in at 16% on the last.

    I was just starting to get fully visible abs on the last photo. I have since gained some body fat as it's not worth it to me.

    My face especially around my mouth/cheeks/laugh lines started to get really gaunt looking.

    You know your face better than anyone, but sorry, I don't see it. Your face is cute in every photo, but looks more defined in last 2 photos.
    Pretty girl.
  • hamlet1222
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    rainbowbow, nothing wrong with your face in any of the photos, but I think number 2 is the best - stick with that and forget the abs. You don't want to end up like Cheryl Cole (I saw her on x-factor recently, she might have great abs, but face looks like she's starving.
  • TeaBea
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    I think that a lot of people do look older with a thinner face as you can see more wrinkles. Not answering your question one bit but stating my opinion (fact)


    I think the natural shape of one's face can make this better or worse too. Some ultra skinny actresses look fine in the face, and other ultra skinny actresses look like crap.

    I have a long face - my face looks gaunt long before I would have thin legs (I'm a pear).

    Maybe a heart shape or round face can pull this off better......
  • rosebarnalice
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    I've always shown weight loss in my face early, and when I was younger, it used to please me because I could see the changes every morning when I brushed my teeth.

    Now that I'm in my 50s, the same thing happens, but now It kind of makes my face look craggy and. . .well. . . OLD. But it's not worth the burder of carrying around an extra 40 lbs just to have a fuller face. So I'm trying to just love the body--and face-- that I have.
  • holly55555
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    Your face will go down to its natural bone structure. If you naturally have more of a square face/jaw, you won't have as dramatic as a look as that actor does. He has a very narrow face by nature, the excess fat just covered it up.

    In example, my sister and I have opposite face shapes. She has a very round face and I have a narrow, oval face. She has abs but you never know if you just saw her face and not her body. On the flip side, I'm thin but not near as in shape as she is (she's very athletic), but because my face is so narrow I look like I'm thinner than I am. If you saw our faces only, you'd assume I was the athlete with abs.

    So point being... how your face adapts to weight loss is all genetics. You may or may not look like that actor, it's in your bone structure.
  • Redbeard333
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    It's totally possible to get a sixpack w/o your face looking too thin; I do it whenever I go to the liquor store... ;)
  • Alidecker
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    It's totally possible to get a sixpack w/o your face looking too thin; I do it whenever I go to the liquor store... ;)

    Ha, literally LOLd