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Guys, why are you so afraid to compliment the male above you?



  • Skhatri15Skhatri15 Member Posts: 130 Member Member Posts: 130 Member
    Has a sense of humour, which is a plus among friends and ladies.
  • jmule24jmule24 Member Posts: 1,435 Member Member Posts: 1,435 Member
    @Skhatri15 nice set of gunz, bro! Your hard work is starting to show! Keep up the good work!

    @_incogNEATo_ let's get this thread full speed ahead!
  • _incogNEATo__incogNEATo_ Member Posts: 4,614 Member Member Posts: 4,614 Member

    But your willingness to bump something so beautiful is admirable. Your bicep makes one of my veins pulse faster!
  • OneHundredToLoseOneHundredToLose Member Posts: 8,587 Member Member Posts: 8,587 Member
    @csbnga, men want to be you and women want to be with you. And some men want to be with you too. Just embrace it :tongue:
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