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    Well I know why I was so shaky now. I was coming down with the flu. I had to leave work at lunch on Wednesday. I went home and slept for 19 hours. Yesterday I was quite a bit better, but I still couldn't eat anything. I'm feeling pretty much 90% today, except that I still haven't eaten anything yet this morning. I'll eat when I feel hungry - so far, I do not...

    But the shakes are gone, so that's a good thing.

    I brought myself a few bananas and an apple to work today. Going to ease into it...
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    Karrie I wondered, it seemed like detox from carbs couldn't last that long. Glad to hear you are feeling better. And I agree the first few days off starchy carbs are tough!

    I had a nice Thanksgiving, time with family and lots of good food. My family is very accommodating to my vegan-ness, my brother makes a little separate batch of stuffing for me, and my sis in law keeps some potatoes separate. My other brother is now dairy free too. There was wine of course.

    Now back to a more ETL way of life!
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    liapr wrote: »
    Wow Karrie, I can't believe you said no to everything!! That's amazing. Huge mental battle. Normally I would say "well I didn't like/eat this, so now I can have this". Although right now, I am feeling really strong resolve too and have been saying no to temptations. Luckily our Thanksgiving is over lol so I just have to carefully navigate Christmas parties. I think that should be ok though.

    Karrie, definitely up for budding up with C25K! I need some accountability. Are you thinking of starting it again?

    Lisa, really cool recipe, thanks for the suggestion. What else will you guys be having with your T-giving meal?

    Thanks for the spice suggestions - I went with garlic, coriander and cumin, which are my favourites too. It really made the soup so much more interesting! It was an awesome blend and tons of lentils that kept me full. I rewatched FOK on Sunday night actually which is also helping my resolve this week.

    Sabine, what is a hot pot?!?!? Sounds delish.

    I like FoK. Quite a bit. I could stand to see it again.

    What's a hot pot? Well, in my house, it's a big electric boiling pot. Hubs fills it with some miso and a few cups of water. The water gets heated, and then everyone puts in what they want pieces at a time, and then you fish them out with chopsticks or a little strainer. And then you dip your individual pieces in a nice dipping sauce. We usually put in a few brussels and some root vegetables while we're prepping the rest of the veggies and get them cooking. The spinach goes in dead last. It's one of my favorite dinners.
    Then after the first night or two, the veggies just go in and it becomes a nice hearty soup. :)
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    HI All,

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

    Had a really nice visit with my children. Was nice to have them home for the week from college. My daughter went back today and my son will go back tomorrow.

    I ended up making 2 thanksgiving dinners; one for me and a regular one for the rest of the 13 people for dinner. Had to start cooking on Monday night. Did a few dishes every day and still ended up cooking most of Thursday. But----my dinner turned out delicious. I decided not to make desert for my self, so had some nuts for desert instead of pie. Still managed gaining a few lbs even eating Vegan.

    Finally made it to the gym today. Need to be more consistent with that agin.

    Hot pot: we usually due fondue/hot pot for New Years eve dinner. Will probably do that again this year.

    I will need to figure out something for Christmas day dinner. I am not fixing 2 dinners again.

    Have a nice evening.

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    Sabine I am going to try the hot pot for my vegan sushi party this year I think. It sounds like fun! I will have to do more research on how to do it though.

    Glad you had a nice visit with the kids Terri. When is your appt with the doctor? How are you feeling?

    Work is still nuts but I had a total meltdown about a week ago and seem to have bounced back somewhat. It really is totally hopeless though. I could work 24 hours a day 7 days a week (instead of the 60 to 70 hours I'm already working) and would never get caught up. It is wearing me down. Seriously. My boss and I did talk about hiring someone, I just don't know where we'd put them, and we'd have to put in a whole new computer and buy additional licenses for software, there's more to consider than the "good ol' days" when you could just grab an extra IBM selectric and desk and set someone to work.

    But other than that life goes on, and while I'm not happy that my weight has bounced up again, I'm still eating more ETL-ish and just need to cut back on the starches and fats to get back to losing again. Right now I'm just focusing on making good choices as often as possible, so if I wander into the kitchen at the office thinking of pretzels, I say to myself hey an apple or some baby carrots would be better for your body and you'll feel better mentally, so more often than not I'm making the right choices.

    Oh, and I finally went to the doctor about this shoulder pain I've been having for months, because it obviously wasn't going to cure itself and go away. Doc suspects a rotator cuff injury and I'll be starting anti-inflammatory meds for the next month, but if not better in 3 weeks he wants to see me again. Good grief, rotator cuff injury? Really? And anti-inflamatories, that you shouldn't drink alcohol at all while you're taking, during the holidays? WTH? LOL

    <3 y'all
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    Oooh, bummer about the Rotator cuff. Not fun.