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Exercise entry for Snow Blower use.

arcticlynx1arcticlynx1 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
They need an entry for using (pushing/dragging/maneuvering) a snow blower to clear a driveway in winter. Not the same as shoveling snow. Of course there might be at least two entries for light or heavy snow loads. So, please add.

Note: I say this as I am covered in sweat from clearing the snow around our house with a snow blower. It is a fair bit of exercise.


  • CyberToneCyberTone Posts: 7,511Member Member Posts: 7,511Member Member
    ​You could choose one of the pre-loaded exercises. The name is not the important part; it is the metabolic equivalent of tasks (METs) that provides an estimate for Calories burned per minute. The Compendium of Physical Activities provides an estimate of 2.5 METs for operating snow blower, walking.

    For now, you could use the following pre-loaded entries in the MFP Exercise Database to get an estimate for Calories burned based on your level of intensity. Please note that the Calories burned for Cardiovascular exercises provided by MFP are based on published metabolic equivalent of tasks (METs), which are estimates for a general population and may differ for you as an individual.

    METs - Activity
    2.5 - Mowing lawn, riding mower
    2.5 - Walking, 2.0 mph, slow pace
    3.0 - Walking, 2.5 mph, leisurely pace
    3.5 - Snowmobiling
    3.8 - Walking, 3.5 mph, brisk pace
    4.0 - Raking lawn
    5.5 - Mowing lawn, general
    6.2 - Shoveling snow
  • arcticlynx1arcticlynx1 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    Since that data already exists, then it should be a simple add for Myfitnesspal to create a pre-loaded entry for it. Seeing as a significant part of the world gets snow, and thus has to move it out of the way, then it makes sense to create the entry.

    Thank you for providing that information CyberTone.
  • arcticlynx1arcticlynx1 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    Also, I must add that I am a bit skeptical that a riding lawn mower uses the same energy as pushing/operating a snowblower. One of those activities usually doesn't cause a person to come in all sweaty and sore afterwards. Walking is closer, and maybe driving a snowmachine (snowmobile for easterners), as that requires a significant physicality of balance (as the machine is moving all about). Of course that might all depend how much snow you get, what sort of snow blower (machine) you have, AND what sort of terrain you must travel with it. I live in Alaska, so.....

    Also of note, while the manual drive machines may pull the machine for you, they offset this by being bigger and needing to be physically handled and moved around. That is... unless you have a high end model, that has trigger pull steering (most people do not have those), and even then there is a fair amount of physicality managing it.
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  • WardClarkWardClark Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    Having just come in from 45 minutes of snowblowing the first snow of the year, I checked again to see if MyFitnessPal had added this exercise to the Cardio list – sadly, no.

    Google led me to this discussion thread. I love @arcticlynx1's clarification of pushing – "pushing/dragging/maneuvering." I, too, came in sweating.

    Thanks, @CyberTone, for the MET numbers. It seems the "Mowing lawn, general" exercise I've been using for snowblowing may not be as far off as I thought. On the other hand, snowblowing (like walking) needs at least two levels – a few inches of powdery snow is a LOT different from a foot of wet snow.

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