Oh my god, that was awful! (low-cal products you tried and hated)



  • mygnsac
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    Quark. A chalky under taste killed that for me.

    Trader Joe's dried seaweed

    Nutritional yeast on popcorn

    Nonfat cheeses and yogurts.
  • ashthecat15
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    edited December 2015
    Justin's Bakery paleo protein bar. So bad, just truly terrible.
  • mkakids
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    Walden farms.....anything....it's all NASTY! one would think I'd stop trying them, but nope.....I keep getting suckered in by the zero cals.
  • mkakids
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    bri170lb wrote: »
    I won't eat low calories salad dressings at all...yuck!

    But I have tried several brands of yogurt salad dressing and they've all been good. The one I used today was 40 calories for 2 tablespoons, which is even better than some of the low cal stuff. Bolthouse Peppercorn Ranch Greek Yogurt Dressing.

    I also hate sugar substitute yogurt. It's just TOO sweet.

    I'll eat light Italian or vinegar based dressings....but not creamy dressings!