Name Your Current Favorite Workout Song



  • Mlkmaid
    Mlkmaid Posts: 356 Member
    Titanium - David Guetta/Sia.
  • Schlackity
    Schlackity Posts: 268 Member
    Do not laugh.....i have Too Legit to Quit ( mc Hammer) on my ipod right works lol

    I have Can't Touch This on mine...LOL
  • kath711
    kath711 Posts: 712 Member
    David Getta&Sia - She wolf :)

    Love that song!
  • m16shane
    m16shane Posts: 393 Member
    Turbulence - Steve aoki and laid back luke
  • Meet The Monster- Five Finger Death Punch
    Can't Be Touched- Roy Jones
    Lift Me Up- Five Finger Death Punch
    Hungry- Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    Wretches And Kings- Linkin Park
    Never Settle- Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    Work Hustle Kill (Lost Soul Remix)- Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    Let It Burn- Stic Man
    Warriors Call-Volbeat
    Adrenalize-In This Moment
    Get Up-Korn Feat. Skrillex
    Anxiety-Black Eyed Peas Feat. Papa Roach
    Hold Strong-Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    Menace-Five Finger Death Punch
  • dovtzip
    dovtzip Posts: 5 Member
    Because I'm Fat- Weird Al Yankovitch:happy: