What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Kiwi2mfp
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    mlrtri wrote: »
    Losing 5 more lbs before my Dr appt next month so I can be “overweight” and not “obese”.

    The doctors scale is motivating me too. Last appointment I was obese. I finally got below obese a couple weeks ago. You got this!
  • dralicephd
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    To get out of my vacation mindset!
    I didn't have an internet connection while gone and that made logging food difficult, so I stopped logging. While I wasn't exactly eating poorly, I wasn't really watching macros either. For me, success in weight loss and maintenance is about hitting my protein target (or I get the hangries and eat with reckless abandon). Exercise was also not as regular on vacation.

    I've successfully logged for the last 2 days. I hit my macro targets today. However, I didn't exercise and I should have. Tomorrow is another day.

    Ok, I'm back into the swing of things! Now I'm realizing that the weight I've been maintaining has put me slightly between clothing sizes. :neutral: I've decided to cut calories again to try and lose just a few pounds so that my clothes can fit comfortably at the new size. My goal is about 5-ish pounds by Halloween. Slow and steady...
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    9bhtn65nzj wrote: »
    The mini goal motivating me is to lose the next 10 lbs to reach 70KG. I started at 85 KG on 1st May 2022. I am currently hovering around 74.5 KG. My ultimate goal is to reach 65KG but one fight at a time.

    6.2 lbs to go!!!
  • azuki84
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    trying to go 128 -> 135ish by EOY