What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    It’s no munchies after dinner ✅
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    Intake goal met!

    Updated goals:
    Weight: 250 lbs
    Fitness: 10,000 steps/day 3x/week (on-days) with 5,000 steps/day 4x/week (off-days)
    Intake: 14 days within 100 kcal +/- target

    I've met all three mini goals.

    Updated goals:
    Weight: <250 lbs trending average
    Fitness: 10k steps 3x/week, 6k steps 3x/week, 5k rest day; with strength training 3x
    Intake: 21 days within goal range (now tightening goal range to 50 kcal +/- target)

    Well, it's been an interesting near-month since I last posted. Went through a period where I was clinging to the wagon by my fingernails, so to speak, so revamped and rolled back the fitness and intake goals.

    I met the weight goal about 2 weeks ago.

    Here's my updated mini-goals:

    Weight: trending average below 247.2. This is the 10% to healthy BMI marker.
    Fitness: complete a week consisting of: 10k steps 3x, 5.5k steps 3x, and one 5k steps "rest day" with 3x strength training
    Intake: one week within 50 kcals +/- target kcals

    Edited to correct a number.
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    The mini goal motivating me is to lose the next 10 lbs to reach 70KG. I started at 85 KG on 1st May 2022. I am currently hovering around 74.5 KG. My ultimate goal is to reach 65KG but one fight at a time.

    3.8 lbs to go to get to 70 kg!!! / 11 stone
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    My first short term goal is get back under 200. My next goal after that will be to be out the ‘obese’ category before my son comes back home from his fall semester. He went back to school yesterday.
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    mini goal...to get rid of 30 pounds by Christmas
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    Decrease inflammation by using MFP as a tool (not a chain!)for tuning up the nutrition with the side effect of losing some lbs.
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    I have a few mini goals in my mind. First is to lose another 10lbs before we go to Las Vegas (our first time there) in early October. I've lost 14 so far so that would make 24 total. After that, I want to lose 15 before Christmas then 15 more by Spring 2023. We have a couple of big trips planned next year and I would LOVE to be at my goal weight by the first trip (late April to Germany).
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    I want to lose a full stone by the end of September and I want to increase my work out times to an hour a day. (Work outs can include just stretch or high intensity.) Today is the first day that I have achieved a one hour work out, and I want to keep it going. It helps to remind myself that the hour doesn't need to be in one shot, 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there will make a difference.
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    My mini goal is to hit a new lowest weight before my cycle starts next week. That means staying strictly on track. Fingers crossed the scale reflects the effort!
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    Tomorrow I leave for a week long holiday, where I plan to eat, enjoy food, rest, play with my daughter, and wear bikinis. Fill up of positive thinking. Then start again my journey after two years of pause.
    So my mini-goal is to weight and measure myself, take photos of the before, and then just log everything for a week, without any pressure to cut calories or diet. That's it, that's manageable... I will post again in two weeks from now!

    I find that preparation time is sometimes a need.... time to just wrap your brain around the journey that you are about to embark on. That time is like packing before leaving on a trip. Leaving without packing might be doable but the trip would likely be a whole lot harder. Enjoy your trip in both senses!
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    Stay focused on fresh veggies 🥕