What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



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    Hitting my one year smoke free mark on Sept. 29th yippee (and then losing the weight I put on while doing that goal) ...goals never end

    Well done! After a year you're well and truly 'over' smoking. I stopped in 2015, and never looked back - for a while I would see people smoking and have a weird kind of envy, but I promise this will go away in time!

    Thanks! and good to know, it hasn't been easy for sure
    (sorry I posted this yesterday but must have forgotten to hit send)
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    @IAmTheGlue YAY! So excited for you! 9 pounds for me. Will def be posting when I’m one pound away! Way to go!

    Thank you!! I’m super excited! 😀 You will be there in no time!