What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • BartBVanBockstaele
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    Mne is pretty boring... I was over 500 lbs at one point and made the switch to a very strict keto diet. I lost the majority of the weight (I have 100 lbs to lose this year) but gained a cholesterol of 320. So, my goals are completely health based, with weight loss being a very welcome side effect.
    My next goal is to get even the smallest difference in my cholesterol levels at my next appt next week.
    This past month I've stuck to a pescatarian diet with no sugar, low carbs, and only whole foods. Fingers crossed it made a difference, even a small one!

    ps... always looking to connect with more on their health journey! Feel free to add me.
    Congratulations for what you have accomplished. You probably did, but in case you did not, you should have a thorough conversation with your doctor. What people generally call the "keto diet" is known to cause rises in cholesterol, sometimes to alarming levels.
    As for the pescatarian diet, I never set out to be a pescatarian, but when I look at my diet, that is exactly what I am. My diet consists of plant foods, i.e. vegetables, lupini beans and soybeans with the addition of sardines.
  • Brigit42
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    I've been working out regularly for just over a month. I decided to check my Exercise Report for the last 30 days. I'm SO Proud of myself. My chart is a page full of dark blue vertical bars ranging in different sizes from short...when I first started...to several impressive tall bars Now I'm motivated to see what my 90 day Exercise Report looks like in two months! I recommend everyone do this...

    That is motivating! Congrats <3
  • LMK02020
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    My mini goal is to get back to 118/120 lbs. there are only so many places that yoga pants are appropriate, and my jeans, pants etc are getting a bit too difficult to fit into comfortably lol!

    @TxTiffani , what a great idea to do a chart and reward system. I might steal that idea, if that’s ok
  • rdorseytx
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    Lose 5 more pounds by Valentine’s Day and 55 pounds by the end of 2023!