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  • LaetitiaLouise
    LaetitiaLouise Posts: 39 Member
    I am trying to eat more vegetables! I go through cyclical phases, and am transitioning from a 'veggies are yucky' to ' maybe they're not so bad???'. The 'veggies are yummy!' phase is in the future, and I would like to get there quicker than usual so I am trying to help myself make that leap! Did well today for that, had salsa with my omelette this morning and put a little pile of broccoli on my plate at dinner. So I will be striving to keep up this tiny bit of momentum!

    Have you tried eating them raw? I think most veggies are better raw, and they're better for you too. Not potatoes of course, but white cabbage, carrots, tenderstem broccolli.
  • Z10Rtza
    Z10Rtza Posts: 451 Member
    Arriving to de 99 kg I really want to be in two cifers
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