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  • Debmal77Debmal77 Posts: 4,773Member Member Posts: 4,773Member Member
    We are not long excepting anymore members. Everyone above, I will be sending you invites to the group and the spreadsheet link will be there. I will accept the invite for the spreadsheet when it sends me the alert. Sorry for anyone after this post. Got a lot more people than expected

    I think you should have this thread closed then.
  • kizzy_musskizzy_muss Posts: 585Member Member Posts: 585Member Member
    whoops! I didn't read that it was closed either til now.
  • kitchendhkitchendh Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    I would love to join. I weigh in on Sundays, but I can change to Monday If that is better
  • wilkie81wilkie81 Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    Count me in
  • BEBR2014BEBR2014 Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    I am in! Please add me as well. Thanks!
  • taptap25taptap25 Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
  • elnerieelnerie Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
  • heyritaheyheyritahey Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I would like to join, please. I just sent you a request to join the excel sheet. thanks!
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  • LivvieOLivvieO Posts: 164Member Member Posts: 164Member Member
    Is it too late to join?
  • philiaeros360philiaeros360 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    I would like to join. If possible my weigh in would be on Sunday
  • mudmama8mudmama8 Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    I'm in. Starting weight December 29th was 261. Plan on weighing again tomorrow
  • kamal580kamal580 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    please add me in..
  • mss9675mss9675 Posts: 436Member Member Posts: 436Member Member
    Do you want us to add the weight in excel sheet or give it to you here?
  • guchiiguchii Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    I would like to join please. Thank you
  • knolan147knolan147 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    I tried to add myself to the spreadsheet through the app. I can only view it, not make changes. I weigh in on Tuesdays and I currently weigh 283 pounds. Can you add me or let me know how to edit the sheet?
  • nosesferretsnosesferrets Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    JANUARY WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITION: New month, new competition. 1st weigh in will be this week, depending on your normal weigh in date. You log on our spreadsheet i'll be sending out or send me each weeks weight through here. Each week we see who lost the most and they are that weeks winners. I will post it on here and on my news feed.Then at the end of the month, well see who lost the most overall. January competition ends the last week of January. Let me know if your in so I can email you the spreadsheet :)

    I have been doing this since September. Its been such a success!! Come join me for the New Year New You movement!!

  • nosesferretsnosesferrets Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    Il be in sounds fun
  • mss9675mss9675 Posts: 436Member Member Posts: 436Member Member
    The excel sheet you sent us should we post our weight tomorrow on that one or is there going to be a new sheet
  • mstammie00mstammie00 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I had to open another account my other one would not let me access my groups. I was mstammie02...hope I can still participate
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