The January 2016 Running Challenge



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    Goal was 75 miles, and I reached 76.6!
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    1-Rest day
    2-Flare/rest day
    3-13.13mi The first six had me convinced i was going to turn around. the rest was nice.
    4-rest day
    5-pain day :(
    6-3.23 mi. it looked slow but i ran fartlek-esque, but still had to avoid ice flows.
    7-6.46 mi it was fun. I pushed hard. I'm glad my heart monitor works again.
    8-rest day
    9-4.75 mi on treadmill.
    10-rest day
    11-too cold and icey. -7 is just too cold even for me
    12-slept in after walking the dogs. too icey now with a fresh coating of snow over it. hoping to get in an hour at the gym
    13-3.7mi on treadmill. got to my third fastest speed. hoping to keep improving. and yoga
    15-no yoga, rest day
    16-3.25mi. race day. fun race. smaller. was 10 out of 21 in my age group.
    17-rest day
    18-lazy day
    19-1.88mi tried different programs on the gyms treadmill. I am not level 7 anything apparently :wink:
    20-rest day
    21-4.22mi. first real run with the new shoes. i like them :)
    22-rest day
    23-11.3mi on treadmill. i kind of enjoyed it. fastest time for that distance. i was looking at a 2:40:00ish HM but i had a place to be and had to cut it short :frowning:
    24-rest day
    25-power aerial yoga
    26-5.86mi. never settled into the run. icy outside, stayed inside. I'm lazy.
    a little sad that I probably won't be making my goal this month. It's possible but I don't know if it will happen. been rather exhausted. flare? tom? don't know.
    27-aerial yoga
    28-new medicine is making me a little dizzy and nauseous. going to try to run tomorrow because when i get moving it gets better.
    29-aerial yoga. still a little dizzy but made it thru class without falling over
    30-10.75mi medicine was still bothering me but i managed to get some miles in
    31-slug day

    almost made my goal


    Jan 16-Frosty 5k-33:43:123 (gun time-don't have chip time)
    Feb 13-Steve Cullen Run
    Feb 13-21 Puppy Love Virtual Run 10k
    ?Mar 14-Great Pi Run?
    ?Jun 11-Rock n Sole 5 or 8k? honeymoon might interfere
    June 19th through Sunday, July 10th SHE Power Virtual Half

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    Final update for January. I skipped my last two runs to let my ankle/left leg rest and it's feeling much better. Still some tightness in my lower leg, but no soreness in the ankle at this point. Taking it easy for a few more days, then will try it out on a 5 mile run on Wednesday.

    In total, I missed 10 miles of a 14 mile run early in the month, then a 5 miler and 18 miler last week. I made up a few miles of the 10 miles I had missed by extending my short weekday runs slightly here and there, so I ended the month 30 miles short of goal.

    115.1 of 145.1 miles completed. I'm happy with this result, as I expected to miss some miles here and there (145.1 was exactly what the training plan requested I do). Also, this is my first month ever over 100 miles. :smiley:
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    Congrats to everyone hitting their goals, especially those new to running! I, unfortunately, didn't even come close to my goal. A pesky little calf muscle injury kept things in check for me early in the month and I was never able to catch up.

    I did, however, recover enough so that I finally feel like I'm back in the groove. This really relieves my mind now that my marathon training has begun. I do believe that doing my longer runs on the trails these past two weekends, over packed snow, have really been key to my recovery.

    Saturday I went back out to the trails I had run the weekend before and got 11 miles in. This time I met up with about 8 folks from a local trail running crew. Almost all of them had run races of at least 50K, a few of them 100 miles. A very laid back, super friendly group whom I'll run with whenever I get the chance. They had warned me that a recent thaw and refreeze would make for slick trails so I gently screwed a pair of my retired shoes and they respected me that morning and not once did I slip.

    Sunday I went back out with Kody for 8.3 miles. Just over 3 miles in I came across one of guys from the group the day before. He changed his route to run with me and I enjoyed the company. This guy is NUTS (in a good way). He usually runs 25 to 30 miles every Saturday, and every Sunday but he's had to back off recently because he's coming off an injury. He's got over 350 miles in for the month.

    With that strong weekend of running, I finished with 111.2 out of 135 miles.



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    Options catch up on the 100 posts I missed over the weekend.
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    January 1 - 3.11 miles (Resolution Run 5k)
    January 3 - 9.3 miles
    January 5 - 4.8 miles
    January 6 - 2.8 miles
    January 8 - 4.2 miles
    January 10 - 10.56 miles
    January 14 - 4.65 miles
    January 15 - 2 miles
    January 17 - 11.5 miles
    January 19 - 4.6 miles
    January 21 - 3.55 miles
    January 22 - 2.05 miles
    January 24 - 3.11miles (Polar Bear 5k) and 7.3 miles
    January 28 - 3.2 miles
    January 30 - 4.2 miles
    January 31 - 12.4 miles

    Exceeded my goal...yay!



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    1/1 - 3.5 miles on treadmill
    1/2 - Nada :|
    1/3 - 3.75 miles on treadmill + weights
    1/4 - First day back to office / school...had to stay home to get kids moving and ready.
    1/5 - 4 miles on treadmill + 4.65 miles on stationary bike
    1/6 - 4.5 miles on indoor track followed by an extended stretching session.
    1/7 - Sick / rest day - not sick enough to stay home for the day, but didn't want to push it for a run :/
    1/8 - Another sick / rest day.
    1/9 - 4.1 miles on treadmill
    1/10 - 4 miles on indoor track + weights
    1/11 - 4 miles on treadmill
    1/12 - Life got in the way - sick children, work issues, etc. - Ick!
    1/13 - Woke up with a head like concrete...stupid sinuses! Hoping to feel better enough to squeeze in a rare late afternoon run today.
    1/13 - 3.25 miles outdoors...woo hoo! Early evening run. Had to watch out for refreeze on sidewalks and streets, but enjoyed it.
    1/14 - 4.95 miles on treadmill (Trek class). My feet are not thanking me for two runs in under 12 hours. Plus, the person next to me must have eaten a poo sandwich before class...blech!! :sweat:
    1/15 - VJ the greyhound woke me up 3x in the night to go out, two kids and myself coughing all night and one kid with high fever this morning = another morning of no run. UGH! I am getting going to miss my goal this month!
    1/16 - 4 miles on treadmill
    1/17 - ANOTHER sick / rest day...this virus won't quit
    1/18 - 4 miles on indoor track + weights/abs
    1/19 - Seems my body / this illness thinks a workout every other day is enough...grrr!
    1/20 - 4 miles on treadmill. Hoping to be able to get another run in tomorrow.
    1/21 - 4.65 miles on treadmill (Trek class). First back-to-back run days in over a week...woot!
    1/22 - ANOTHER sick/rest day - ugh!! I feel like @#$& (thanks for indulging me in a whine)
    1/23 - 4 miles on treadmill
    1/24 - 3.2 miles on indoor track
    1/25 - 4 miles on indoor track + weights
    1/26 - Sick / rest day :'(
    1/27 - 5 miles on treadmill. Got on the scale after...yikes!! Poor food choices still hanging on from holidays, plus missed workouts equals unwanted 3-4 lbs. Gotta remember, I can't outrun my plate!
    1/28 - 4.9 miles on treadmill (Trek class)
    1/29 - Sick / rest day...again!
    1/30 - 5 miles. Finally a run was fantastic!
    1/31 -3.5 miles, outside again!! Woot!


    Shortest monthly total in over a year - ugh! Hoping I can kick this cold and hit my February goal.

    Regarding feet - mine were U-G-L-Y before and running hasn't made them better looking yet ... occupational hazard.

    @Virkati - Ugh! Sorry to hear about your bike issue. That stinks! Maybe see if a local shop has anything used? Could help a little.
    @runner_girl83 - Oh no! Take care of those shins! Maybe vary your surface more - inside, outside, track, treadmill. Also, alternate with non-running workouts - biking, swimming, weights, etc. I never had shin splints, but it helped me with a calf issue I had early on in running.
    @7lenny7 - Wow! Great service from ASICS!

    Congrats to everyone that hit their goal for January! Apologies to everyone, like me, who missed their goal for whatever unforeseen reason...we'll get the next one!

    As always, thanks to @Stoshew71 for moderating us and inspiring us to inspire each other!
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    I had planned on putting in the last 6 miles yesterday but my ankle was a bit tender and I decided it wasn’t worth risking it. For a race I would have but not for training FOR the race.

    Final recap for January 2016: Goal: 70 miles Final: 64.37 miles 92.0% to goal 18/31 days run

    Jan 1: 6.59 cold night miles, slow, around 12:40/mile.
    Jan 2: REST DAY
    Jan 3: First “official” HM training day, first snowfall on run day: 3.51 miles. Faster intervals mixed w/slower paced runs. 12:10 average pace, fastest split was mile 2 (11:29).
    Jan 4: Wimped out 
    Jan 5: 3.2 miles this morning
    Jan 6: 5.05 miles avg. pace around 12:11
    Jan 7: REST DAY.
    Jan 8: Wimped out 
    Jan 9: 50 degrees this morning! Easy 6.2 miles 12:08 average pace. 1/3 of the way to goal.
    Jan 10: run
    Jan 11: 3 degrees with wind chill, skip run/recuperate one more day
    Jan 12: Big snowfall in A.M. so..Night run: Actual temp in teens, single digit windchill. My “slow” is usually somewhere around the high 11s to low 12/mile and it was around a 13:30 tonight..and at times it felt like it was a “hard” pace. Is this a common thing for first-time winter runners? 3.92 miles
    Jan 13: Single digit temps this morning, night run again. Slow 3.05 miles, avg pace 12:14 but NO walking…at all. 
    Jan 14: Plan called for 8 mi./fast intervals (9:00/pace)..wimped out
    Jan. 15: Tried to do some pace pushing as penance for yesterday, legs weren’t having it. “Fast” only low 11s..bleah. 4.02 miles..officially just past halfway to goal.
    Jan. 16-17-18-19: Cold, wimped out.
    Jan. 20: Temp got to 18. 3.05 miles. 11:26 avg pace.
    Jan. 21: No run
    Jan 22: 5.09 miles this morning, 22 degrees.
    Jan 23: To anyone who might be a RunKeeper friend: Despite what the app is telling you, I did not develop a sudden urge to take a dive into the 20-30 degree waters of the Olentangy River post-run this morning. I fat-fingered something during my cooldown. Should I be concerned that my thought process on the somewhat slick roadways this morning when I skidded a bit was “Don’t fall and break your face because then you won’t be able to run anymore!” rather than “Don’t fall and break your face because it’s no fun to fall and break your face!” :D
    5.07 miles
    Jan 24: REST DAY
    Jan 25: Wimped out, just wanted bed after Boy Scouts (my son’s meeting not mine :P )
    Jan 26: In the 40s this morning!!! 5.2 miles Not sure if I’ll get to goal this month or not…it’s going to be close. We’ll see how I feel tonight, maybe I can log another 3 or so.
    Jan 27: REST DAY
    Jan 28-29: I was lame and didn’t run.
    Jan 30: Intended to go get 10 miles this morning, my legs said oh no you don’t. Honestly wanted to give up at 4 miles but ground out 7.05 that felt like every bit of it. :P Really close to goal though…might try and do some more tonight. I’d really like to get there this month. THAT NIGHT: An extra 3.55 miles due to beautiful weather (low 50s!)
    Jan 31: Tender ankles, decided not to risk it.

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    1/1-1/9-zero miles- respiratory infection
    1/10-5.9 miles
    1/11-4.0 miles
    1/12-4.0 miles plus strength training
    1/13-5.6 miles
    1/14-rest day (maybe some yoga)
    1/15-3.2 miles treadmill intervals
    1/16-9 miles
    1/17-4.3 miles
    1/18-4 miles of dreadmill intervals + yoga
    1/19-4.8 miles+strength training
    1/20 6 miles +yoga
    1/21-3.5 miles +strength training
    1/22-rest day
    1/23-9.3 miles
    1/24-5.1 miles
    1/25-5.1 miles +yoga
    1/26-3.7 miles +strength training
    1/27- 6 miles
    1/28-5.6 miles +strength training
    1/29-rest day
    1/30-12.2 miles
    1/31-4.8 miles

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    Virkati wrote: »
    @skippygirlsmom I'm right there with you! I'm working very hard to get out of my pity party mode. It's not easy. But I'm trying to remember that, for me, when this kind of thing happens, in the end I wind up being better, stronger, and healthier because of it. It gets better. I posted the lastest fml issue yesterday on my home page and @7lenny7 promised it would get better. He promised. And I am choosing to believe him. Lock arms with me and we'll get thru this. 7lenny7 said so!

    @Virkati, it WILL get better! I'm a big believer in positive thinking. Some times things get better on their own. Some times you have to bust your *kitten* to make things better. Some times things get better in ways you hadn't anticipated.
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    Just missed my January goal. Sigh.


    But! I did get myself back to my regular running schedule for the most part, had an enjoyable run or two (not just painful and totally aware of being out of shape), and started to pick up the pace a bit. I'm going to go for 50 miles in February - I like having to push myself a bit!
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    I exceeded my goal of 150 km in January. It was my biggest running month ever. I am pretty stoked.

    Congratulations to everyone who ran last month, whether you hit your goal or not. There is always another month! See you all in the February thread.

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    Goal of 75 Miles for January

    1/3 – 3.87 Mi
    1/5 – 4.24 Mi
    1/7 – 5.32 Mi
    1/10 – 3.49 Mi
    1/11 – 6.87 Mi
    1/16 - 3.47 Mi
    1/18 – 5.88 Mi
    1/22 – 2.99 Mi
    1/23 – 5.43 Mi
    1/25 – 5.58 Mi
    1/27 – 5.02 Mi
    1/30 – 9.50 Mi

    Final Progress toward Goal 61.66/75
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    michable wrote: »
    The time I tried a GU during a race was a bit of a fail - I had to stop at the water stop for about a minute or two to get it down (it wasn’t very nice). I am hoping that a nicer flavour may go down more easily.

    Still working through the posts, and this may have already been covered, but...

    @michable, try different flavors. I initially thought I would prefer the chewy things but I found, as you did, that chewing and breathing at the same time are difficult. I started experimenting with gels and found that the fruit flavored gels made me gag but flavors such as vanilla, mocha, coffee, espresso, caramel, and the like work very well for me (though I still need to wash them down with water). My suggestion is to get a variety of flavors from different manufacturers and see if there are some you can handle.

    During my current marathon training I plan on experimenting more with sports drinks.

    Here's a great article about marathon nutrition:
    And here's one about practicing your marathon nutrition
    I tried NUUN and fell in love. The taste of all the ones I've tried (non-caffeine ones) has been very good. No aftertaste and in the heat of Denver (10% humidity) in the summer (read bitchin' hot) at noon (when I was doing my lunch run) I could keep going and not feel like I was going to collapse. They can be expensive, but as soon as I tried it and found out how well it worked for me, I went back and bought every flavor, (non-caffeinated).

    @Virkati, if you have a Costco membership, you can get a box of 63 tablets (21 tablets each of three different flavors) for $21, including shipping. At one time they had them for $17 and I bought two boxes. I love them as well!

    @5BeautifulDays those are some great run photos!
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    @7lenny7 @shanaber @Stoshew71 @Elise4270 @Virkati @WhatMeRunning Thanks so much for all your feedback about fueling during races. I am loving the experience and willingness to share knowledge here in this group!
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    @7lenny7 - training for the Pittsburgh marathon in May (have a half-ironman & 15K though in between).

    Ended up taking a few extra rest days than planned at Sundance due to some nagging knee pain from Disney and getting a few more film tickets than originally planned, so I ended up coming up well short of my goal for the month. Onto February.

    1/3 - 10 miles (5 speedwork, 5 slow)
    1/4 - 7 miles
    1/6 - 3 miles (@ MP)
    1/9 - 2 miles (pre race tuneup)
    1/10 - 26.5 miles (Disney marathon in 3:29:08)
    1/14 - 3 miles
    1/16 - 6 miles
    1/17 - 6 miles
    1/18 - 7 miles
    1/20 - 5 miles
    1/21 - 6 miles
    1/22 - 1.5 miles
    1/25 - 12 miles
    1/26 - 6 miles

    Total: 101 miles
    Goal: 180 miles
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