Any other women hate having periods



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    I'd be fine if I lose my period for life. I don't care that's how much I hate it

    Yeah, nah. At least having it you know your body is functioning properly.
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    I personally have never said, "oh, I'm
    so glad my period is here" except for maybe a couple of times in my 20's lol
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    Yep lol. I have endometriosis, and its extremely painful. I haven't had an actual period in 3 months because I've been on birth control, but I have bled and cramped every single day for 3 months (lightly). Its even caused some anemia.

    Im getting the Mirena IUD soon, won't have to worry about periods or anything for 5 years (then I'm getting another one LOL). Super excited for it. Will probably be a few weeks.
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    I'd be fine if I lose my period for life. I don't care that's how much I hate it

    Yeah, nah. At least having it you know your body is functioning properly.

    Not necessarily.

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    used to have the worst pain and cravings for over a week... now have skyla and it is fab! barely any pain at all and best is no cravings! I think I lost weight on my last period!
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    Amen! I have the worst fatigue during shark week. My mood swings are pretty awful, too. I won't do birth control, though. So I just have to suck it up until "the change"!
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    And now from the exception to the rule...

    Not all women can skip their periods successfully without massive spotting. I tried for three years with three different BCs. My body just really likes to bleed every month. I've come to accept it.
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    yayamom3 wrote: »
    I am making a conscious effort to talk openly with my sons and daughter and explain things to them.

    I'm glad there are people doing that. I got in trouble for saying the word tampon when my 8 year old nieces were in the same room when I said it. I was only a couple years older than that, 10, when they were separating the boys and girls for the day at school to explain to us about our bodies. But then I got my first period at diabetic camp when I was 12 and I was so confused and just bled the entire time I was there because I was too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it, and I also couldn't even talk to anyone about it when I got home because I didn't have anyone I could trust and talk to. Luckily a girl at camp saw it and she helped me out, and the next summer the same thing happened. If I had someone in my life I could trust and talk to about things it would've made it so much easier, because it also happened at school and I'd get scared. I vowed to never shield my kids from things like that because I don't want them growing up as confused, awkward, embarrassed, and ashamed as I did just because I couldn't talk about things.

    I am so sorry that you went through all of that and am glad that you have taken steps to make sure your kids don't have to endure the same thing. Pretending that adolesence/sexuality doesn't exist can be so harmful.
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    scolaris wrote: »
    Ha! Menopause is just a different sort of carnival ride, hon...
    But yes, I don't sit up nights missing my period. All that money you think you're going to save not buying birth control, tampons and pads? It's all going to go toward fancy lubes. Word.

    LOL oh no!
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    I remember 15 years ago PRAYING to get my period becaue ~*all the other girlzzz had it and it meant i was a womannnnn~*~*
    Now, I dread it. Unless I've had a mini scare. I've told husband many times to either knock me up, or take an ice cream scoop to my uterus and get it the blankity blank out of me.
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    So, I think a better question would be "What women LIKE having their period?" I mean, I know it's necessicary if you ever want to have kids, but I know NOONE that actually likes their TOM.

    I also grew up in the 80's and we did have a special class about (girls only), but it was more about the clinical description of the process, not what it can do to you. Which I guess makes a little sense because you don't want to scare girls by saying "Oh, yeah, some of you will have cramping and of those, some will cramp so hard they can't function a few days every month", but at the same time, knowing what kinds of things CAN happen would be helpful as well.