What to eat when you're CRAVING sweets?



  • star1407
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    Alpen light bars 70 cals
    Double chocolate, chocolate and fudge or Jaffa flavours
  • scyian
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    90% dark chocolate or fruit would be my go to. If I have the calories I'll have 0% fat Greek yogurt with either fruit/peanut butter/honey.
  • kommodevaran
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    Sweets are "more-ish" - the more you eat, the more you'll want. Cravings will lessen or disappear if you stop eating sweets every day. On the other hand, the desire will grow if you feel that you are depriving yourself. If you are the kind of person who can be satisfied with a little amount, make it fit into your day and have some. But if you are a "can't stop" person, reserve the candy for special occasions (and coming home from school/work, or passing the sweet shop, is *not* a special occasion).

    I don't believe in "substitutes" - enjoy the real deal, but be mindful of the amount. And make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet first. If you eat regular meals of healthy food you like, your taste buds will adapt to that, and the candy will lose much of its appeal.
  • stepea83
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    few squares of 90% dark chocolate or recently plain rice cakes with lots of peanut butter and teaspoon of jam.
  • NatalieThomas90
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    in the evenings after my dinner I always want something sweet.

    I have been having a cup of decaf (because I enjoy sleeping) coffee with sweetener. It tends to give me a sweet hit and by the time ive sipped my way through it my craving for naughties ha passed :) x
  • ren3liz
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    Giradelli Mini's! I have them in dark chocolate but they have all flavors (I only know the cal count on dark).

    Individually wrapped small chocolates. 36 calories for one. You can have 3 for right around 100 calories. I have ONE almost every night after dinner. I find a small piece of dark chocolate completes the meal when I would be left wanting something more because I'm eating smaller portions than I'm used to.

  • faechanx
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    Dole Dark Chocolate Banana bites, they're only 100 calories for a pack of 4 and are sooo delicious. Banana pieces dipped in dark chocolate ^___^ and theyre substantial, I feel satisfied after eating a pack
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    Nix143 wrote: »
    50 cals, lasts a good long time (as long as you don't crunch it!), feels 'naughty' if that is where your head space is. Sometimes if you want sweets have sweets - if you do CICO then a lolly is less that a lot of the solutions on this thread. :)


    Oh man, these are yummy. I haven't had one since I was little. Are they still sold in the US, because I haven't seen them...

    For me, I eat a little of what I'm craving. I have made cheesecake bites, or make brownie bites and take all but 5 to work. I have a stash of Ghiradelli individually wrapped chocolates in my cabinet right now. Going with the Cool Whip theme, I will sometimes blend Cool Whip Lite, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and add graham crackers on top for a pumpkin pie flavor. Or I will just eat fruit when that satisfies the craving.

  • jplinis
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    Protein smoothie or brownies, yoghurt topped with honey and fruits.
  • SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage
    Pink Lady apples. OMG they are so sweet they taste like candy!