Weightloss and Cancer



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    People can have their cancer go into remission. I have a friend who was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor and given 7 months. It's been two years now and she's living a full and meaningful life. You just never know, so live into possibility! And I loved the comment that "some days will just be doughnut days".

    Thank you for sharing. I'm glad your friend is living a fruitful life. =-) I hope some days will be doughnut days, I have had one in years. Hah!
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    Oh man! I'm sorry.
    My husband was diagnosed with "terminal" cancer at 31. He's now 35 and totally healthy. I haven't had cancer but walked through his diagnosis and treatment with him.
    My encouragement would be to:
    - Remove added sugar from your diet but beyond that eat a healthy diet that focuses on real foods (veggies, organic meat and dairy, berries, etc). There are specialists who can help you. Google "dr Jeanne Wallace", my husband still follows her eating plan... One of her focuses is brain cancer but she does have other areas of specialization.
    - Connect with a support group even if your an introvert... It is hugely helpful to know that you are not alone! Plus it is helpful to talk through side effects, etc.
    - rest, sleep, allow yourself to heal.
    - Stay hopeful and positive (I believe that this is so so important). Allow yourself to cry and grieve but don't stay there.
    We did do alternative treatments, our choice but we've never regretted it.
    Second opinions are good... Good for you!
    Also, Instagram has a really active community of young cancer survivors. You may want to jump on there.
    Message me if I can be of support to you!